What Is a Church Community?

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Hi I'm Peggy

I'm a single grandma. I travel, quilt and garden. I'm a Mormon.

About Me

I'm a mother of two and grandmother of four. I am a retired middle school teacher. My hobbies are quilting, gardening and family history, but I rarely get time for hobbies as I can't stay away from the grand-kids. Although I am sadly divorced, I am certain of God's love and His intent that I have an eternal companion. My purpose is unchanged: I am to become as much like His Son as I can by following the example Jesus Christ gave us while on the Earth, and by following the commandments, which sign post the way back to God. I am looking forward to serving a senior mission in the very near future.

Why I am a Mormon

My understanding of my purpose for being on Earth is strong because of the things I have learned at church. I know of no other organization that promotes individual strength and self reliance like this church. The prophets and the temples teach me and lead me to live the best life I can. Seeing life with an eternal perspective allows me to view struggles and challenges as building blocks rather than stumbling stones.

How I live my faith

I do all the outward things, like go to church on Sunday, fulfill any callings I am given, which have included things like teaching classes, giving talks on Sunday, leading music, and right now I'm a Compassionate Service leader, which means I coordinate sisters helping sisters within my ward. But, maybe the way I live my faith most importantly, is that I pray daily, thanking God for his many tender mercies in my life and I study the words of the prophets trying to know Him, as He commanded we do. I try to be like the Savior in my thoughts and my actions...of course, I'm a work in progress, but the effort makes a difference.

Why don’t Mormons have paid clergy?

The Lord's plan is that we teach each other. We are called to temporary positions in our local wards to give us many different opportunities to serve and learn. We are taught from a very young age that we are all leaders, and the organization of the church gives us the experience we need to become leaders...all of us. Too many chiefs? It doesn't work like that. Everyone gets opportunities to lead and to serve, and every service is important, so when we are released from leadership positions in the church, we resume our service in other areas. Someone might be released from being a Sunday School President and be called to be a teacher or a newsletter editor. Because we are called to positions based on inspiration, we have confidence that even if a new calling is a little scary, we will learn and be able to do it to the Lord's liking. After all, He called us to this position through his inspired servants...which we all are. Show more Show less

Who was Joseph Smith?

Joseph Smith was a man prepared by God to bring the good news of the Gospel of Jesus Christ back to the Earth in exactly the same way that His Son, Jesus Christ, gave it in the first place. If you change a thing, is it still the thing? The beautiful "good news" that Jesus Christ brought us has been changed through the past 2000 years by sometimes good people who tried to make it easier to live, closer to the culture of the known world. I call this political changes made to the gospel. Sometimes it was changed by people wanting more power over others. Without the apostolic leadership of those given authority by Jesus Christ the "thing" was changed. Joseph Smith was sent to Earth after the reformers had "softened up" the population and after a "New World" was prepared, where religious freedom would be a law and a byword. At a very young age, Joseph, asking for guidance for which church to join, was visited by God and his son, Jesus Christ, in a vision, and told to join no churches. He was then prepared and taught the true religion of Jesus Christ. What a burden, to be the only person on Earth with this knowledge and this responsibility to reorganize the Church of Jesus Christ. He didn't live to be very old, and he wasn't a perfect man. But he was the man given the authority by Jesus Christ to bring the "Good News" back to a hungry world. He honorably fulfilled that truly awesome responsibility. Show more Show less