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Hi I'm Sheila Antell

I'm a wife, mother, grandmother, gardener, re-inactor, dancer, bobbin lacer, quilter and I'm a Mormon.

About Me

The best two things in my life are my husband and my grandchildren. It is so wonderful to have a husband who holds the Priesthood in our home and believes as I do. It is also wonderful having grand babies to love, hold, teach and care for. I am an ADHD adult and have many hobbies and interests. My favorite is attending local pow wows and Native American dancing. I am not an Indian, and don't pretend to be, but I do love and respect the Native American culture and people. The drum speaks to my heart. I only dance at pow wows where non- Indians are welcome. Quilting and Bobbin Lace making are my two favorite hobbies. I've been a quilter most of my life and enjoy the art side of it as well as the practical. Making Bobbin Lace is very relaxing and I love the beauty of the lace. The fact that it is such an ancient art also thrills and fascinates. It is so much fun to dress up in my 1780's outfit and demonstrate Bobbin Lace at the McDowell House for Historic Burke and wear my 1840's outfit to demonstrate Bobbin Lace for Hart Square every year. I am maturing in years but remain young at heart.

Why I am a Mormon

My conversion was not a big earth moving epiphany. Everything the missionaries were telling me made such perfect sense. It was things I already knew in my heart, but had never heard it stated that way before. I knew from the beginning what they were teaching was true. Their description of Heavenly Father and the Atonement was how I always felt it should be. But, with that knowledge in my heart, there was still much for me to learn.The more I learn the stronger my faith grows.

How I live my faith

I often tell people that being a Latter Day Saint, Mormon, is not a religion, it's a lifestyle. It's not something we do only on Sunday. Once I became a Latter Day Saint, it is something that I am constantly aware of. It stays with me, just like my name. I am Sheila, day in and day out...I am a Mormon day in and day out. I live this lifestyle by reading my scriptures daily, both the Bible and the Book of Mormon. My husband and I read our scriptures together and pray together daily, but we also pray privately. We attend church every Sunday, regardless of activities we have planned. My husband and I also take our callings seriously and support each other in our calling. I'm a primary teacher and scout committee member. It is important to me to also attend the Temple on a monthly basis. I'd like to go more often, but the 2 hour drive makes that difficult. Being a Mormon also helps me to see all the people I come into contact with as my brothers and sisters. Regardless of their appearance, choices or life situation, they are still children of my Heavenly Father and that makes them my brothers and sisters. I think basically that I live my faith by doing the best I can to be Christlike, loving everyone around me and doing it with a smile and happy attitude.

Why don’t women hold the priesthood in The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints? How do Mormon women lead in the Church?

Sheila Antell
I think when people get upset over the fact that women do not hold the Priesthood, it is because they don't understand what the Priesthood is. Priesthood is the authority that comes straight from Jesus Christ to the men to help them lead and guide the church. The Priesthood does not give men the right to rule, dominate, or be the boss over anyone. The Priesthood does give men the authority to serve. Every single thing that men use their Priesthood for is service to their family, their neighbors, their fellow church members, their country and their Heavenly Father. Power in the Priesthood is a very real thing, but this power is only used to serve and help. Each Priesthood holder has his own calling, job in the church, and his Priesthood authority, power, helps him with that calling. All Priesthood authority is the same, whether it is our teenage boys blessing and passing the sacrament or our Bishop leading and guiding our church . Just as the Lord gave men the Priesthood, he gave us women our own authority and power. We women, through our Relief Society also serve our family, neighbors, fellow church members, country and our Heavenly Father. Among other things, we are blessed with the ability to give birth and nurture. That may sound "old fashion" but the stability and success of our next generation depends upon that ability. Women in the church are equal to the men in importance and necessity. Men and women of the church work together for the same purpose. Show more Show less