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Hi I'm Ray Hunt

and I'm a Mormon. A Shibori (Tie-dye) craftsman and graphic designer.

About Me

I'm a graphic designer by education and a Tie-dyer by trade. I graduated from Collins College in Tempe Arizona with a graphic design/digital video degree. I have used my graphic design skills to create catalogs and pamphlets. I was fortunate to be an apprentice for Tsuyoshi Kuno, a fashion-reknown Shibori master in Japan. He taught me the skills to dye the shirts, kimono and other fun things I have done. Being a craftsman gives me peace of mind and allows me to be creative working with my hands. I also do photography. I take pictures of sunsets, flowers and just about anything that catches my eye. Sometimes I find things I can use for my graphic design work, and sometimes patterns I can use in my Shibori. But Most of all, I'm a Mormon. I love my family and I love the things we learn by keeping the commandments, and the blessings we get when we do.

Why I am a Mormon

I was born in a Mormon family, one of a great heritage in Mormon history. I was taught when I was young that if I kept the commandments of God, I would be happy and successful in life. I pretty much followed my parents... living off their teachings. That like most cases, worked for me for most of my youth... I went to Japan as a missionary to teach of the love that God has for us all individually, to teach of His mercy towards each of us. I was doing what was right and myself and my family were blessed because of this. But I still didn't have the complete "personal burning in my heart" as I wanted. After a little bit of school and more time in Japan, I found myself wanting more of that feeling for myself... I was pointed by the Holy Ghost to the scriptures that describe the "Way of Happiness", that which gives happiness to our families, and the "Way of Unhappiness" that which causes us and our families unhappiness and sorrow. I found a desire to be happier and to have more blessings... I wanted to have the peace of heart that I taught the Japanese about as a missionary, that feeling that helped my parents through all of the trials they had. I wanted to 'Know' that it was true. I was led by the Spirit to turn myself over to our Savior... it was't a simple choice, and it's been a daily commitment that I make. My parents were a great example for me, but I, like everyone else, had to find that peace for myself. I had to let the Atonement of Christ work in me. I have come to know that God loves all of us individually, and we can have his guiding light as we live our daily lives.

How I live my faith

Sometimes the commitment is not easy, but every day I pray that I will be taken care of. I pray in Thanks every night that I have made it though the day with God's protection. I find it simple to share my happiness with my smile. I like how it makes people smile... and maybe ask how I can smile in these crazy times. It's much easier to know how to live if I remember the "Way of Happiness" Choices that will help my family will help me as well.

Do Mormons only help Mormons?

Ray Hunt
Sometimes that is the case... We are getting better at helping others as well... and when its disaster time... the Mormon Helping Hands are there until things are back to normal. Show more Show less

What are Mormon Temples used for?

Ray Hunt
We have temples to allow us to help our family members who didn't have a chance to receive the saving ordinances they will need to have their families together forever; we have the temples to perform those ordinances by proxy for our families. I feel every time I do temple work that my family ancestors are grateful for that work. Show more Show less

Can a husband and wife be together forever? Do Mormons believe that families will live together in heaven?

Ray Hunt
I believe that a couple can be together forever if they want to, and make and keep the right covenants. But if either doesn't want to... I don't think our loving Father in Heaven will make any of us suffer if we have done what we can to make things work and the other party wants out. Show more Show less

What do Mormons believe about family?

Ray Hunt
People ask if Mormons allow Divorces... I have been divorced and just say that Mormons get divorced as do other people... If there is any way to save a marriage, that is the best... but if there is a danger to a spouse or no possible way for the couple to work things out... then, it is allowed. Family life is the best condition for happiness. Show more Show less