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Hi I'm Darcee

I'm a mom, grandma, wife, lyric soprano, beader, reader, gym goer, opera and musical theatre lover. I'm a Mormon.

About Me

Before marrying my current husband, I was married before, divorced and a single Mom for almost ten years. I raised three children to teen age hood before my sister and my parents introduced me to the man to whom I have been married for 17 years. I have three wonderful adult children that bring much joy to my life. I have one beautiful grandchild, a little girl named Audree and am privileged to share in the joy of some of my husband's children, grandchildren and one great grand child, as well. My Mom was born into the Church and my Dad is a convert. Through my mother's side, my pioneer heritage goes back 5 generations, with my children making it 6 and my little Audree 7th generation. Dad joined the Church 2 years after I was born. Mom spent nine months on her knees prior to marrying Dad, making sure that this was what her Father wanted for her. My parents are strong and active members. I have three siblings, two of which remain strong members. Besides the roles and hobbies listed, I volunteer in my community through the Chamber of Commerce and also am a board member of a service based international organization geared towards helping children, of which I am the treasurer. I sing in our local opera company and with the community chorale. I love to make jewelry and I am an avid reader. I work in the insurance profession as a marketing specialist.

Why I am a Mormon

I am a Mormon because it makes sense.That God and His son are separate beings with bodies of flesh and blood is logical, if I am made "in his own image". I have had many experiences to confirm that the choice I have made, after having been born a Mormon, to continue Mormon, is the right choice. I have received answers to prayers that are impossible to deny. As a divorcee and a single Mom in a church that is very traditional family oriented, it wasn't easy to continue on the spiritual journey of being LDS. My dedication and faith was tested. However, I continued to do the things that kept me close to Heavenly Father, including serving others, lots of prayer, and studying scriptures. I taught my children to love Heavenly Father and about the sacrifice that Jesus Christ offered, that we may all continue to live as family for eternity. All of my children are loving, compassionate caring human beings who strive to live authentic lives and love others, giving service when possible. We were recently blessed with a son-in-law through a Temple marriage. Two of my three children served as full time missionaries. All three of them have testimonies of God. After marrying my eternal companion, for whom I am deeply grateful, the trials I had previously experienced became like a river compared to the ocean of trials which we, as a couple, endured. I thank the Lord every day for the strong testimony of the man I married! While our marriage was no rougher than anyone else's, other trials truly tried our faith. We have walked together through hell, and we have survived, testimonies intact. This is my testimony...that the Gospel as I know it is the Gospel of Christ. Through the living ordinances performed through the one and only true authoritative Priesthood of God on the earth, our eternity is sealed by the grace of Jesus. Through obedience to the precepts of the Gospel and to those who lead us, as well as grace, we will return home someday, to live eternally as family.

How I live my faith

As stated earlier, I participate as much as I can in singing opportunities in my community. I love to sing! I started studying at 5 years of age, learning to read music at my mother's piano, and went onto study music in college, graduating after my first marriage fell apart. I also am a member of my local Kiwanis Club. It's an extremely active club and we contribute in many ways to the children of our community. Over the years, I have served in leadership, teaching and music positions within the congregations of which I have been a part. I have organized events for the women, as well as taught them and also served as a leader of the women's organization. I have been a leader of our teen age women as well as having taught them. I have taught music to the women and served as a choir director and chairman of music committees. At this time, it is my privilege to act as a music specialist. For me, this means getting to put together a Youth Choir. It means getting to know people in my congregation who love music and finding ways for them to participate in music. And it means filling in when others involved in teaching music need help. At this time, I am planning music to prepare our Choir for Christmas, as our Choir Director must be away at Christmas this year, as well as preparing the Youth Choir to offer a musical selection during an upcoming worship service.

Why don’t women hold the priesthood in The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints? How do Mormon women lead in the Church?

As of late, there has been a lot of attention paced on the Church and the Priesthood as held by man. The truth is, the question of women "don't hold the Priesthood" can be a complicated question. However, to simplify, the Priesthood as is being defined in the 20th century is the power to act in the name of God both as an institutional/administrative tool and as a powerful spiritual tool. This power was conferred on man by angels and is the authority from God given to man. However, Priesthood can also be interpreted to mean spiritual gifts. The gift of healing, for example, is not limited to men. It can, and has been, used by women to heal and this power also comes from the Priesthood, in so far as the Priesthood is defined as the power of God. But, from my own perspective, I believe that under the umbrella of heavenly power, my own role, as a woman, is defined differently than a man's. In a time when being a woman, while having immeasurable joy, is also a burden of duties by default, I believe that, in withholding the Priesthood's institutional/administrative responsibilities from woman, Heavenly Father was merely blessing her with the power to concentrate her energies on those things that inherent in her nature, such as emotionally ministering to those under her influence. She need not have the permission from God to lay hands upon. Her touch is nurturing and healing in and of itself. Her body is made to produce and nurture. It is her job to rock the cradle. Show more Show less