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Hi I'm Dom

I'm a student, I'm a Dad and I'm a Mormon.

About Me

I am the Father of a gorgeous 1yr old boy, and the husband of a gorgeous wife - but I don't think she would appreciate me sharing her age with the world. I am currently a student of Psychology and Counselling at university in Yorkshire, England. I am specializing in, and planing on furthering my studies in Educational Psychology. Perhaps the common thread running through everything I am interested in is a fascination with how things work and why. I like to investigate and understand everything I possibly can, I don't believe it is possible to overstate the importance of learning. Cars, motorbikes, computers, and people are a few examples I personally enjoy. I find great purpose and satisfaction in using understanding for the improvement of those things, and that influences my studies, hobbies and faith. 

Why I am a Mormon

I was baptised as a Mormon because my parents raised me in the church, I liked being in the church and felt it was right. I feel what is more important is the reason I still choose to be an active Mormon today. One of my defining traits is that I like to investigate and understand things thoroughly. When I was 14 or 15 I found that keeping the commandments I had been taught became a bit of a sacrifice, I had a lot of friends living contrary to what I had been taught and they seemed to be enjoying it. Suddenly, what my parents told me wasn't enough of a reason for me to live it. Thankfully I had been taught, as all youth of the church are, that we can and should actively seek to gain answers direct from God. I Was studying the Book of Mormon so that I understood with my mind but I needed more than just intellectual knowledge. I got into the routine of kneeling by my bed in the evening and asking God if he was really there and if what I was learning was true. One evening as I knelt down to pray with the intention of asking again I felt the most wonderful feeling come over me, a feeling of peace and reassurance - I knew it was an answer to my prayers. Since that night I have studied and prayed countless times and tried to trust in God and do my best, as I look back I can think of many instances I have received answers to prayers, guidance and comfort through the Holy Ghost. It is my relationship with God through these daily experiences that keeps me active in the church today and gives me the desire to raise my family this way. I am regularly reminded that God is there and the church is where He wants me to be.  

How I live my faith

Living my faith means different things to me depending on the situation I am in. When at the church I serve in a leadership position, as the church has no paid clergy or leadership, many members of the church serve voluntarily to keep the church running and the needs of its members met. This is a fantastic opportunity for me to teach and learn with a group of other men all striving to be better, It means attending meetings, noticing and meeting the needs of others and constantly increasing my knowledge. Missionary work is another important part of the gospel and something I love. I often travel with the full time missionaries to teach those who are investigating the church. One of my favourite things to talk about with my peers at university is our respective beliefs and moral values, being in department like psychology this can give rise to lots of interesting and sometimes heated debates.  Perhaps the biggest way in which my faith affects my life is seen at home and within my family. My wife and I firmly believe that strong families are essential to happy lives, and that the best way to strengthen any family is to let God in to help. We pray and read the scriptures daily with our little boy and make sure we spend at least one evening a week together in quality time building our relationships with God and each other. Children growing up in the world today need all the help they can get to avoid the many tragedies so common in society today, if they are to succeed they need to know how to draw on heaven's power.