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Hi I'm Rachel

I'm tall. I love dolphins. I watch Disney movies. I'm a Mormon.

About Me

I am happy. As I have always tried to live what I know about Jesus Christ and His teachings, I have been able to see clearly what he wants me to do. I grew up in the Salt Lake City, Utah area with my parents and three siblings. They are wonderful and so supportive. I think that they are the ones who have helped me to look on the bright side of things and when personal challenges come, to look at them as opportunities to grow, serve others, and progress. As a recent college graduate, I am now entering the "grown-up" world with big decisions at every turn. As I have been job-searching, apartment hunting, and dating, I have been blessed with opportunities to grow and learn. Life is good. I enjoy hiking, biking, "Yogurtland," dancing, singing, reading, and spending time with family and friends. I love to travel and especially enjoyed my experiences while serving as a missionary in Asuncion, Paraguay.

Why I am a Mormon

When my mother was 18 years old, she drastically changed her lifestyle, was baptized, and became a member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. For some reason, her courage to change has always impacted me and strengthened my belief in Jesus Christ and the power that he has to heal us and change us. His power to change and heal me, as I have made promises with him and tried to keep His commandments, has been a comfort and a strength to me throughout my life. I can attribute every good thing that has ever happened to me to living the gospel of Jesus Christ. We never lacked any basic needs in my family because we paid our tithing. We have strong and loving family relationships because we prayed together, read scriptures together, attended church together, kept the Sabbath day holy, and strove to participate in wholesome family activities. I have received guidance and personal revelation by following the counsel of the prophet, Apostles, and church leaders. I know that they are inspired of God. The Book of Mormon consistently teaches me of Jesus Christ and motivates me to be more like him. I know that Joseph Smith was a prophet of God. My beliefs and experiences have been further confirmed by asking God directly in prayer if these things are true. Through powerful feelings of peace, reassurance, and happiness, the Holy Ghost has answered me and confirmed these truths. I cannot deny the things that I have felt and experienced. I have had countless opportunities to see God keep His promises of love, comfort, blessings, and forgiveness in the lives of those who love Him and keep His commandments. That is why I am a Latter-day Saint. Because through a prophet of God, our Heavenly Father has again given His power to us on earth to make promises with Him and return to live with Him and our families. Only by reading the Book of Mormon, praying, and experimenting upon His commandments, have I come to realize that these things are true.

How I live my faith

My current understanding of what it means to "live my faith" stems mostly from the examples of loved ones (particularly my parents), my life experiences, and my missionary service in Paraguay. Although it will soon be ending, I currently have the opportunity to teach groups of missionaries for 9 weeks to serve as Spanish-speaking representatives of the church. Although it is my employment, it has been one of the most rewarding opportunities of my life to see 19-year-old young men and 21-year-old young women make many sacrifices to serve God for 2 years. I am a strong witness that God can accomplish his purposes (to help all of His children return to Him) even through young men and women in the church. Such is truly a miracle. I currently serve as a missionary for my student congregation (aka ward), and have the opportunity to help others who are investigating the church or have been recently baptized to learn more about Jesus Christ and change their lives to come more unto Him. I also love to share my beliefs and experiences with my friends. A wonderful opportunity to live my faith has been my participation in the church's organization for women (the Relief Society) as a "visiting teacher," which means that another woman in the church and I visit another woman of our congregation at least once a month to share a message about Jesus Christ and help and strengthen each other. I have been strengthened personally by these visits and have been able to establish long-lasting and meaningful friendships. Overall, living my faith is manifested by the small, simple, daily things. The experiences that I treasure most are the times that I have acted on feelings to visit, call, help, or serve others. I have felt small glimpses of the love that God has for His children. I have truly been humbled at times to know that God has used me to help another one of His children in need.

How can we come to know our Father in Heaven?

One of my favorite things about being a Mormon is that through personal experience, reading the Bible, the Book of Mormon, and the words of the prophets, and especially through sincere prayer, we can come to understand the true nature of God and how to have a personal relationship with Him. God is literally our Father in Heaven. He actually has a body of flesh and bone. As His children, He created us in His image. He is so loving and sincerely wants to hear about our concerns, our triumphs, and struggles. He is involved in our lives, but like any loving parent, loves us and will not force us to do anything. He wants us to progress, learn, have happiness, and return to live with Him and our families. Everything I have learned about God has come through sincerely trying to love Him and keep His commandments. For someone who wants to know Him better, I would invite them to start with just praying to Him. Just believe that He is there. Converse with Him like you would a good friend or loving parent. Tell Him what you are thinking and what you're worried about. Let Him know that you recognize all of the specific things that He has given you. Ask Him for help and guidance. As you feel those peaceful feelings of love and inexplicable peace, you will come to know that He exists and loves all of His children so individually. Show more Show less