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Hi I'm Loren

I'm proud to be British. I surf, cycle, play volleyball and other sports, and a life-long student of politics. I'm a Mormon

About Me

I have 4 sisters and an older brother. I am an active and energetic individual, with my favorite activities being surfing, mountaineering, volleyball & mountain biking, though I like to try so many other things. I have an adventurous spirit and love to learn from talented individuals, hence I love travel and anthropology. I studied Politics at University and continue to enjoy active dialogue concerning difficult issues, and achieving understanding with greater resolutions forpeace.  I once remember surfing perfect waves with my friends on a secluded beach, watching the sun go down, and the moon come up on the opposite horizon, and being amazed at this incredible creation. I have always appreciated nature's wonders, but I have since learned that to best appreciate it, one has to put in effort to observe it in the most rewarding ways. Like one anonymous Yorkshireman once said, "them that don't climb a bit, miss a lot." This is a great metaphor for life! But I think, before enjoying the beauty of this incredible creation upon which we live, I love my family. I love being a husband, a son, brother and an uncle. Being any one of those rolls can be hard at times, but when I do what's right, I'm rewarded in these rolls more than any other pursuit.

Why I am a Mormon

I was born and raised as a Mormon and, I had parents who were excellent examples of individuals trying to be like Jesus Christ. We always had friends in our home, some of whom we learned were homeless. The way my parents treated everyone around them gave no reason to doubt how we should treat everyone. I'm a Mormon because it is in the Church of Jesus Christ that I find the principles and doctrines that, when adhered to, brings me the greatest peace and happiness. After moments of soul searching, I've learned that the searching ends when I feel peace in my heart. I feel so fortunate to have found this peace and so live as closely to the principles that help me find that peace, which I find to be in this church. Some of the most important principles to me are faith in Jesus Christ, the power to change, and the importance of charity.

How I live my faith

Living my faith starts at home and carries on through the daily with every good action. My wife has convinced me that it's the little things that counts. I'm so often focused on the big problems of the world that are so frequent on news, that sometimes I forget to do the little things, and when I do forget I notice the difference. So I make a point of trying to do good wherever and whatever situation I'm in. The possibilities are endless, and the more I think of and help others, the more happy I am and sure of my purpose in life. I have friends who ask why I'm so happy, and I encourage them to do good, there's so may ways and there's so much need. The church also gives me additional opportunities to serve, and at present I serve as a counselor to our local leader called a Bishop. We work closely with the leaders of the congregation and do our best to provide their temporal and spiritual needs. In serving those in need, I get a keen sense of how much God loves everyone as there are so many occasions when people's needs are met without me having the ability or means to serve those needs.

What is faith?

There are many theoretical explanations of what faith is, and the best answer I've found is in the Bible. "Faith is the substance of things hoped for, the evidence of things not seen." There is "substance" or assurance, and "evidence" or proof, if we are willing to do what it takes to see them. In the book of James in the Bible, the scripture tell us that faith "is works", so it's much more than a mere belief, or a blind belief in something that has no evidence. There is evidence if one if willing to work at it. The work bit is the hard bit. Generally it means change. Faith to me means changing from bad to good; stopping doing things that I know are wrong, and start doing things (or more things) that I know are right. As I have followed these really basic principles in my life, I have seen evidences of greater or higher purposes in life, or in that which I could perceive previously. But these assurances and evidences only ever come after I work hard at being purer. The purer I become, the greater the evidences. The evidences are always simple and quiet for me, but the purer I am, the greater the significances of these evidences in my life. Show more Show less