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Hi I'm Michael

I'm a Skater, I'm a Rapper, I'm a "Halo" Junkie and I'm a Mormon.

About Me

I am 21 years old. I am from Washington. No, like the actual State of Washington. I Like to do a lot of things, sometimes even all at once. I really like to hang out with friends and do just about anything with them like Movies, Video Games, and even crazy activities! Activities like going on mock pirate adventures, road trips, and taking crazy pictures (Like on the horse statue at P.F. Chang's restaurant). So yeah, I am pretty much up for anything. Even if it's crazy. Hahaha. But anyways, I do like Rap and Hip-Hop, if you thought those were the same thing... you're wrong. I like to make rap songs that do not include profanity because it seems to take more style and artistry to make something that would actually be good without using all those four letter words. And yes, I have made some that were pretty bad (meaning quality, not profanity)... but that is all behind me now... haha. I love to Skateboard and Snowboard. I don't get to do that as much as I would like to, because it seems that I have less, and less time as I get older. Also, I guess it is because, you have to start doing real world things at some point like making money, and supporting a family. Getting new threads and kicks (Clothes and Shoes) are always great things for me to do. Honestly, I like looking good in what i choose to wear and switching it up form time to time. After I graduated from High School, I went and sold security systems door-to-door in Charlotte, NC and after I returned home from there, I attended College for a semester before leaving for my Full-Time LDS (Mormon) Mission. In the which, I served within the Utah Salt Lake City South Mission from 2009 - 2011.

Why I am a Mormon

I am a Mormon because, I believe that it is real. Here is my story. I was born into the faith, through both of my parents who both are members of the Mormon church. I was raised in it. BUT! That IS NOT why I choose to be a member of this church today. Childhood and teen years were fairly typical of a white male in the United States. Except for the fact that I attended the Mormon church each sunday. I think most of my growing up I had just believed in the faith because my parents and church leaders said so... Until, I was about 17. during this time of my life I was being stretched between what my parents and the church wanted and what I and many of my friends wanted to do. So I came to the conclusion that either the Mormon church was true or it was not. That either it was ALL true, or it wasn't worth my time. I was ready to just walk out on it all, but I decided that I should ask God if ALL of these things (All things within the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints and ALL of their official teachings) were really true. I wanted to know from God, NOT from anyone on earth. So, I prayed and asked, then I felt a feeling in my heart that I had felt before, But now recognizing that it was from God, namely the Holy Spirit (or Holy Ghost). At that point I felt as He told me in my heart that all of those things aforementioned were true. That, is why I am a Mormon. Since then, I have had more powerful and more sacred experiences that testify in my heart and in my mind that these thigns are true. And, that is why I am STILL a Mormon.

How I live my faith

I live my faith by starting in the little things each day. The little things turn out to be HUGE things. These are like reading from the scriptures (Bible, Book of Mormon), and Praying each day. Otherwise, I serve in the Ward or branch (congregation) that i live in. I love to teach the Gospel, especially since i've known it is actually real. I teach it to those of our faith as often as i can, and try to share this life lifting message to those who are not. My most recent calling was serving my Full-Time LDS Mission. Just so you know it takes a real testimony to go and serve one of these. As it requires two tears of your life, $400 a month (paid by the missionary or their family), and being able to sincerely say "I know that the Book of Mormon is true". And then, waking up promptly at least 6:30am if not 6am, excercising/eating breakfast/and getting ready (full suit w/ tie) for the day by 8am, then two hours of study in the scriptures, then trying to share this message with all of those who don't have it from 10am to 9pm. (with an hour for lunch and dinner). This is just to list a FEW things that missionaries do.