Benita : Mormon.

Hi I'm Benita

About Me

I'm a Residential Manager at an apartment complex. I have worked in maintenance, retail and child daycare. I enjoy life and I try to be the best that I can be. I've completed my degree in Associates in Fine Arts and partially completed my bachelors degree in Business Management.

Why I am a Mormon

I'm Mormon because I believe this is the true church. I believe in my whole heart that Joseph Smith has restored the gospel. I believe that this church is set up the same way as it was back when Christ was on this earth. I believe that even though life changes God puts these trials in our lives to make us a better people. I believe in Prophets and I believe that a Prophet exists today. I believe that our Prophet knows us and knows whats best for our lives. I know he will never leave us astray. This church has showed me a better light in my life. A better way of thinking. It's changed many different things about me that I would never take back. This is why I am Mormon.

Personal Stories

How has the Book of Mormon brought you closer to God?

The Book of Mormon has brought me closer to God because he knows us. There were people all over this earth before Christ was born. God has shown the Nephites just like the Isrealites how to live their lives. Having the Book of Mormon is an example and a testimony proving that God loves us and wants the best for us. Its a testimony proving that Christ was brought down to this earth so that we could repent for our sins. This book has gotten me closer to my Heavenly Father because he knew we would need this second testimony of Jesus Christ. He knew that if we read his writings that we could be more like him by the examples of our ansestors. Who wouldn't want to be more like our Heavenly Father? Who wouldn't want to learn from our mistakes and be with our Father in heaven once again? I would like to be more like him and the Book of Mormon has brought me to be more like him.

How I live my faith

I live my faith by reading my scriptures everyday. By attending church meetings weekly. From the meetings and reading my scriptures I learn how to be more like Christ. From his examples I do my best by showing that where ever I am whether its a helping a hand during a snow storm, listening to someones concerns. I know I am being more like him.