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Hi I'm Tasha

I'm Vegetarian, I'm happy and a student, I'm a missionary, and I'm a Mormon.

About Me

I was studying pschology and international development in college and decided to take a break to serve a mission for the church. I now am serving on the east coast and love it! I also enjoy trying just about anything...but I especially love to paint and explore the great outdoors. I learned to dance in college and joined a service dance group that was meant to promote education among minorities. I come from a very large and crazy family. I'm mixed: my dad is from Nigeria and is black and my mom is from the U.S. and is white. I grew up with my step-dad, mom, and 6 younger brothers and have a random hodge podge of races and ethnicities in my large family of 4 parents and 10 siblings all together. I'm greatful for the challenges and oppurtunities that I've received in my life because they've developed my character and shaped my religious beliefs.

Why I am a Mormon

Because It's made me who I am. I grew up in the church and loved it even though I often underappreciated the value and gift it was to grow up in such and church and community. From a young age I was taught to learn for myself what truth was, to love others, get a good education, and to be of good service. I've lived my life doing just that. I came to the point where I studied out my faith and prayed earnestly to know what was true for me and where God wanted me and what was God all about anyways. I truly wanted to know, was willing to do whatever it took to receive and answer, and because of that He answered me again and again in both small and great ways. Everything I do is connected in some way to the faith I've come to and learning to trust in that peaceful voice of my Father in Heaven who loves me enough to teach me His ways. I know that this is God's church, I know it because he's told me in a million little ways, and to deny it would a rediculous move on my part. I know that His ways will never fail, His truths are absolute and eternal, and that I can find security in a difficult world in no other way but here.

How I live my faith

Right now I'm serving a mission for the Church in the Philadelphia Pennsylvania. This means that I go around, studying and learning about the church and Christ's Gospel, sharing about my faith and the precious truths that God has for us, help people find the same wonderful peace and joy that I have, and serve all of God's children (that's everybody that I'll ever run into) in whatever way I can. I do this full-time...7 days a week from 8 in the morning till about 9 at night for a year and a half and I absolutely love it! There's nothing better I could be doing in my life than serving the Lord in such a way. I've learned to feel a deep love for complete strangers and relate to people I would have never met otherwise. My life right now is people, and sharing with them the most important thing I have to share and to give that gift in any possible way is amazing and by far the best part of my life so far.

Why do Mormon missionaries proselyte?

Imagine having found the most amazing gift you’ve ever found or felt or seen in all your life. You taken in this amazing thing and tasted it and found that it has the power to change your entire life. You see differently, you wake up with purpose and amazement at just the small things. You are steady and sure and found a deep well of security and indescribable joy. What would you do? Wouldn’t you want your family to have this….and after your family why not your neighbor…and then if your neighbor than why not the stranger down the road and all the families along the way? Missionaries proselyte because the message we share, if applied into our lives is going to change us for the better. It answers and helps us face every single challenge we come to. It opens our eyes to see things we never would. And in the end we live good lives, we raise good families and society, and we find that illusive happiness and peace. It does it because it’s true. We share it because we’re not above and beyond humanity. Every last person deserves this message and this gift just as much as I or the next mormon does. So we share it again and again so that all of us can have the oppurtunity to accept or reject such a marvelous gift from God. Show more Show less