Randa: Mormon.

Hi I'm Randa

About Me

I love my Savior, Jesus Christ. I know that without His atoning sacrifice that allows me to repent, that my family would not be able to be together forever. My family is the most important part of my life & I feel so blessed to have such a beautiful family! I am a Wife to the most wonderful Husband, I am the Mother of 3 fabulous children, I am a Registered Nurse and love the flexibility it gives me to have a career 1 day a week and still be able to raise my family and be a full-time Mom!! I love baking & having dance parties with my kids! I love taking pictures as a way to document our families adventures! I love teaching my kids & watching them learn and catch on to new ideas & concepts & I love to read a good children's book! To my kiddos of course! I love spending time with my family! We enjoy many activities together including swinging at the park (this is a favorite!), bike riding, swimming, bowling & attending sporting events! College football is our family favorite! We love the fun atmosphere and enjoy the time together! I am a daughter, sister, cousin, niece and friend & through the blessing of a large group of family and friends being able to enjoy season football tickets together I'm able to spend time strengthening all of these relationships! I know that I have Father in Heaven who loves me and knows who I am and I am so grateful to have this knowledge and to be Member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints aka a MORMON!

Why I am a Mormon

Living the Gospel of Jesus Christ makes me happy! I am a better wife, mother, daughter, sister, friend, neighbor & person because I know my Savior and I know that he Atoned for my sins and the sins of ALL of Gods children, making it possible for each of us to return to live with Him someday! Knowing that I am a Daughter of God, that He Loves Me & that I can return to live with Him someday is the knowledge that gives me peace & keeps me grounded in this crazy world!

Personal Stories

In what ways have your prayers been answered?

When I married my husband, I became and instant MOM! Since Day 1, my step-daughter, has been such a blessing in my life and so easy to Love! I love being her step-mom & can't imagine my life without her! My step-daugther's Mother (my husband's ex-wife) however did not Love me being in HER daughter's life & at first I think would have been happy if I'd never been born! It was hard, my husband & I struggled with what to do and how to properly handle each unique situation with our sweet daughter and her Mom. We prayed and prayed. We prayed together daily as a couple & as a family. I prayed personally & pleaded with Heavenly Father for something to change. I was so angry at "her" & had never felt so uneasy. Everytime I saw "her" or heard "her" name it made me upset. I was so consumed with thinking & worrying about it that it was hurting my relationship with my husband. It was not easy, but I started praying for HER, the answer came in baby steps at first, my heart started changing & I didn't hate her anymore, I sincerely wanted her to be happy. We kept praying & everytime my husband & I attended the Temple, we would put her name on the prayer roll. It still felt like a rollercoaster with her though, because I felt like no matter how hard I tried, she did not like me. Then after an awful holliday season that was filled with multiple arguments over scheduling and who would have our daughter at what events, things changed! God answered my prayers! He answered the prayers of my family! She began to show that she cared & appreciated me as her daughter's STEP-MOM! Today, my step-daughter's Mom and I get along really well. It's still not perfect, we have struggles sometimes, but we work together and life is great!! God has made more of me than I ever could have on my own! Through faith in God, hope that things would improve & that people CAN change, & trust that God would answer my prayers, an answer did come & my entire world has changed for the better because of it!

How I live my faith

SERVICE! I love to serve! I am a Homemaker, I take care of my Husband and Children, making our Home a sacred place where they are safe, comfortable & well taken care of. I serve in the Young Women's organization in our ward and I love teaching, planning & carrying out weekly activities for these great young women! I visit other women each month checking in to see how they & their families are doing & teach them gospel principles. I serve in the parent comittee at my daughter's school & have enjoyed working with the other parents in organizing & leading activites for our kids school!