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Hi I'm Bill

I am a bilingual doctor, scientist, software engineer, project manager, husband, and father, and... I'm a Mormon.

About Me

When I was in college, I met a great elderly educator who gave me some wonderful advice that I always have treasured. (I later realized that my Dad and Mom had given me similar invaluable counsel... but, as is common with youth, it had more of an impact coming from someone else.) This great man was Dr. Milton S. Eisenhower, advisor to the majority of 20th century presidents, including his brother, General Dwight D. Eisenhower. I would visit Dr. Eisenhower in his home, and we would talk for hours. Then, after I transferred to another college, we continued our friendship writing letters to each other (before the age of email!) Dr. Eisenhower advised me, first, to be a scholar all my life, no matter what I chose to do; and, second, whatever I did choose to do, that I be the best I could at what I did. Following this advice has given me a wonderfully rich and satisfying life, for being a perpetual scholar has meant never stopping the learning process, and thus never being "boxed in" to one single field of knowledge. Therefore, I have been able to enjoy the process of becoming and working as a scientist, a physician, a Spanish-English translator, a computer programmer, and a real estate agent, as well as in operations management and as a director of project management and project quality assurance. In addition I have enjoyed hobbies such as singing and playing the guitar. Having this "Renaissance Man" philosophy has enriched my life beyond measure while living primarily both in Mexico and the U.S. I have become convinced that dreams can come true... even if not always in the way we had envisioned originally... but I also have come to realize that the journey towards reaching those dreams can be just as great as when we actually achieve the dream! That journey becomes even more fun each day by the side of my beautiful wife as our 4 wonderful children become more mature, and themselves come to share more and more in these same dreams.

Why I am a Mormon

As a person who has followed the scientific method a good part of his life, I can see how some people might wonder how I could be a devout Mormon. These people possibly have heard and read negative things about Mormons and our beliefs... or maybe their impressions even have come from Mormons that they have known; certainly our church has its share of imperfect people... with myself as a great example of imperfection! (I'm glad that the Lord gave me the ability to laugh at myself!!) But, I have found that you can apply the scientific method to any type of truth, not just to secular truths. And, what I have found, the more that I have researched and studied, is that the pure and sanctioned doctrine taught in the Mormon church is true, and, what's more, it is very compatible with scientific truths. Truth is truth, wherever it is found. Some people describe their conversion as a sudden event. My experience has been different, with a conversion process that has been gradual and has lasted many years. However, don't get me wrong; I never have had any doubts or regrets about my membership, since even before my dad baptized me (unintentionally in memorably cold water!) at the age of 8. Nevertheless, my appreciation for, and understanding of, the Atonement of Jesus Christ and His Gospel have grown stronger and stronger over the years; and, I recognize and have accepted Him as my Savior, Redeemer, and Mediator. To me, the most exciting part of what His Atonement means to me is to be able to follow Him, and return with my family to live with my Heavenly Father and Jesus. It brings me such great joy to know that I can be with my wife and our children, as a family, eternally, even after this mortal life! Nothing is more wonderful than family, and being a Mormon has made our family much stronger and happier, both individually and collectively. I am delighted with how our children have grown up happy, secure, healthy, and free of the effects of the many different vices that exist in society today. Aside from the tangible results of the Gospel of Jesus Christ in my life, though, I had to follow the same process that everyone else does who comes to a knowledge of the truthfulness of His Gospel. In addition to the Holy Bible, I also studied and read "The Book of Mormon - Another Testament of Jesus Christ", and then I prayed to receive a confirmation of what I already had felt. The answer came -- quietly but powerfully -- and I knew. Of course utilizing the scientific method to know spiritual truths requires additional tools to take those experiences that we have, and apply tests to confirm or modify our understanding of the truths associated with those experiences. Nevertheless, God has given every one of His children, all of us, those tools: His light -- often called conscience -- and the ability to talk with Him through prayer. Naturally there are recognized errors or biases in a person's application of both science and religion, and in either one those errors can be an obstacle to truth. However, the existence of error and bias doesn't mean that the entire process is invalid. Each person can apply the principles used in scientific experiments to spiritual truths just as with scientific truths, and confirm those truths... and the results are reproducible by anyone following the same correct process. Just as I have confirmed hypotheses to be true in scientific experiments, I also have confirmed for myself that the Gospel of Jesus Christ is true. And, that's why I'm a Mormon.

How I live my faith

While family activities certainly predominate in my life, I also have enjoyed over the years serving others and finding ways to bless their lives. Working as a volunteer with the Boy Scouts for a number of years, for example, was very rewarding, as I saw those boys learn how to be leaders themselves, and eventually, in many cases, not only become Eagle Scouts, but later contributors in their own right within their communities. Contributing as a choir member and, on occasion, as a soloist in the various cities in which I have lived, both in the U.S. and Mexico, also has brought special experiences. There are few things that I have seen so uplifting to people as quality music, and it's fun to be involved in enriching the lives of others through music. Another activity that has been very rewarding has been visiting other Mormons in my community. In a program called home teaching, we are assigned to visit one another to ensure that any special needs that those assigned families have are being met. I enjoy visiting these other families, talking with them, helping them as appropriate, and developing lasting friendships with them. To me, that is the essence of being a disciple of Christ -- to lovingly serve other children of our Heavenly Father, who thus are our brothers and sisters.