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Hi I'm Stacy

I'm a wife, a mother, a daughter, a sister, a friend, and a law enforcement officer. And I'm a Mormon.

About Me

As a young person in her early twenties, I really didn't know what I wanted to do with my life. I was married, and I had a child already, but being a stay at home wife and mom really wasn't an option. At 22, I went to work for a social services agency, and immediately I was unhappy. Seeing people rotate in and out of "the system" was unsettling and sad, and I didn't feel like anything I did was beneficial to anyone. On a whim, I decided to apply for a job with the local police department, and was hired, even though I had no previous experience or knowledge. I had no idea what I was getting into! Over the next eleven years, I worked in many different positions and departments in the law enforcement field; I patrolled on night and day shifts, I worked security for extra jobs, I worked on the traffic team, I did undercover work, I provided safety and security in a middle school, and I taught drug, violence, and gang prevention in elementary schools. I developed relationships with people in ways that I never thought possible, and I loved what I was doing. Intertwined with work, my family grew. I had more children, each of them growing up knowing my love for helping the people that I came in contact with. Many times I got involved with children that I came in contact with in my work, and they became part of our family for different lengths of time, spending time with my husband and myself, and our children. More than once I was put into a position where I was able to be with people who were experiencing the worst moments of their lives, and some of those times I was able to pray with those people and help them to have comfort, or explain to them about the Gospel of Jesus Christ, even though I knew that it could cost me my job if it were discovered. I can't say that I was never scared doing my job. I can't say that I've never been scared being a wife and a mom - we've faced very, very hard times. But I've always known that Heavenly Father has been close and has been watching over and even protecting me while I did work that was helpful to others, and as I have done the most important job there is - being a wife and a mother. Recently I made another huge change in my life; I became a Stay At Home Wife and Mom. The decision to leave my job and stay at home came after a lot of soul searching and many prayers. It even came with some fear. But I know that my Father in Heaven is with me, and that the result of my prayers are His will, and I am very thankful for that. My name is Stacy. And I'm a Mormon.

Why I am a Mormon

I haven't always been a member of the church, and my life wasn't all roses. I married very early in my life, had a baby, stayed at home for a while, and then went back to work. After realizing I hated my job, I applied to be a police officer. But soon after, my husband and I divorced, leaving me as a single mom who struggled just to put food on the table. I'd like to say that although life was hard (really, really hard), I always did everything right. But that's not the truth. The truth is that I often made bad choices and mistakes. Those choices left me feeling alone and depressed, and led to a lot of unhappiness. After a while though, I met a man who brought light into my life. It wasn't one of those "love at first sight" kind of things, but I knew quickly that he was the person I wanted to spend my life with. He invited me to go to church with him, and I tagged along, just because I wanted to spend more time with him. As I began to learn about the church and the Gospel though, my focus changed, and it was no longer just about spending time with him. I thought the things about the church made sense, and I wanted to be part of it. I began reading the Book of Mormon. Very soon afterwards, the man I was dating was called to active duty by the military, and he was informed that he would be going overseas to fight in the war in Iraq. I really struggled with this; I was very upset that the person that I'd started to fall in love with was leaving. One night, I was reading in the Book of Mormon, and a particular verse jumped out at me. It didn't just jump out at me though - it practicially called my name! It completely gave me answers to things that I was struggling with, and I was so excited and overwhelmed that I picked up the phone and called the missionaries to help me better understand the verse. From that point on, I didn't just THINK the church was true, but I KNEW it was. And my life got so much better from that point. Soon after, my husband and I were married, and we have since brought more four beautiful children into our family. Later, our family was sealed for time and eternity in the Atlanta Temple of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. Many things have happened since then, some good and some bad, but in all cases, it has been obvious that Heavenly Father has been with me, and His Spirit has guided and directed me each day. In response to prayer, scriputure study, and hard work, I am always guided by Him - both in my personal and professional life, and He has been at work in the things that I most needed and desired; each time, my faith has been renewed a bit more. It's hard to be a police officer and be able to openly share the Gospel with people. I'm not sure I've ever just come out and told people my story at work. But I try hard to show my faith in the way that I act. I hope that it's been visible. I know that some of the things that I've done, some of the people I've grown close to, and some of the choices that I've made regarding work have been because of the Gospel and my knowledge of it. I know that in certain situations I've faced, I've been put there because of my knowledge of the Gospel, and I firmly believe that Heavenly Father put me there so I could help people in a way that can only be helped by someone who has the Gospel in their life. The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints is the true church, and the church of our Living Savior. It is the church that has the restored Gospel, a Gospel that goes back to the time when the Savior, Jesus Christ walked the Earth, and it all comes down to faith. There are people in the world that work very hard to disprove what the church teachers, and I after thinking it through, I decided that I can choose to believe what some people in the world say about the impossibility of the Gospel, or I can believe what I feel in my own heart. Heavenly Father has shown me countless times of the truthfulness, and I cannot dispute it to myself. I may not be able to prove it to others, but I know it for myself. And you can too. Being a member of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints doesn't make me a perfect person. I still struggle with life. Our family has been through very difficult times, and there have been times I've wondered why things continue to happen when I work so hard. But I've realized that without work, things given to me wouldn't mean as much. And without disappointments in life, you can't learn to fully appreciate all that you have.

How I live my faith

I live my faith simply. I pray (probably not often enough - but can you ever really do it enough?). I read my scriptures. I go to my church meetings. I do my visiting teaching. I encourage my family. I hope. I dream. And I work hard at it. And I never feel like I live up to all that I have been given. I think that's one of the hardest things about having the fullness of the Gospel; that knowledge that despite my best efforts, I will NEVER be able to live up to what the Savior did for me. But while that's one of the hardest things, it's also the coolest. Because the Savior doesn't require me to be be perfect. He only requires that I do my best. And my best and your best are very different, and yet, the same. Living the Gospel is easy...it's the human part of us that makes it so hard! Imperfect people in a perfect church. But nobody ever said it would be easy...just that it would be worth it! And I know that is will be!