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Hi I'm Amber

I'm a wife and mother. I love to dance, play flute, teach gymnastics, bake, and scrapbook. I grew up in RI and I'm a Mormon.

About Me

I am a mom of 2 boys. I have been married since 2005. I teach dance and gymnastics with my parents and younger sister. I play the flute. I am a Stampin' Up! demonstrator. I love to craft and bake and make my own skin care products. I have lived in Spain with my family for a few months.

Why I am a Mormon

It makes sense to me. I went to church in another religion and I always thought "What happened? Where are all the prophets? Where are the miracles? What does it really mean to live the gospel?". I wanted more direction. I was actually not very open to the Gospel at first. I went to the LDS church just so I could say I had gone, because my boyfriend was LDS, and I wanted him to be my faith. So we went to each other's churches to give both a "fair" chance, though my mind had been made up already that he would be my faith. He wasn't very active in his faith and so it seemed fair to me. Then the time came when he decided to serve a mission. I had heard of missions where 19 year old boys leave their family and friends for 2 years and questioned him about this, but he assured me he was not going to go. Well, that changed when he had a spiritual experience and wanted to share the gospel with others. He told me he was going and I totally lost it! I cried and was angry and said things like. "Your church can't be true, God wouldn't take you away from me!". During all of this ranting and raving though, I stopped for a minute, because I really couldn't think of anything else to say. It was at that moment, when I was quiet, that I felt like someone put their arms around me and said "It's going to be OK". All of a sudden my mind was opened. I completely understood why he had to go, and that I needed to open my heart to the gospel and pay attention when I was at church on Sundays.I took the discussions and he baptized me before he left on his mission. A year later left on my mission. He waited for me to come home and we were married soon after, in 2005! I know that this is Christ's church upon the earth and that we have a living prophet to guide us today. I know the Book of Mormon and the Bible are the word of God and together testify of the Savior and His divine mission. I know the Lord knows each of us personally and He loves us very much.

How I live my faith

I try to be aware of anyone in church, or just in my life in general, who may need some sort of service. My favorite thing to do is make cards and send them to whoever I feel inspired to send them to. It's nice to get a thoughtful, hand made piece of mail for a change, instead of a bill! Besides that I lead music every week in our Primary, which is the class where children ages 3-11 learn. And I visit Sisters from church every month, I am their "visiting teacher". I share a spiritual message and make sure they have everything they need spiritually and temporally. I try to sing or play flute as often as I can in church as well. At home we have what we call Family Home Evening once a week. We sing songs, have a gospel lesson, and pray together. It's usually short since my kids are so little. We also read the scriptures together every night as a family, and we pray together every morning and night as a family. I personally try to be sure to read my scriptures every day and study for my lessons as well. I also really try to be in control of the media I am exposed to. I often listen to hymns or church music and I don't watch TV unless it's a movie with my family.

What is the Word of Wisdom that Mormons talk about?

The Word of Wisdom is a law of health that was given to us by the Lord through the Prophet Joseph Smith. There are specific commandments in it like don't partake of coffee, tea, alcohol, tobacco, drugs and do eat herbs, fruits, veggies and grains in their season. Eat meat sparingly. That's about as specific as it gets. That's also the minimum you can do. As I said, it's a law of health. It was given because our bodies are gifts from God and we should take care of them the best we can. Some things that are not specifically in the Word of Wisdom, but really go along with it are things like regular exercise, not eating too much junk food, portion control etc. It's all about being your best self! When you feel great physically, you also feel better spiritually! Show more Show less

Why are only some Mormons allowed into temples? Is there something secret going on in Mormon Temples? What goes on in Mormon Temples?

Temples are different from meeting houses. Anyone and everyone is welcome in our meeting houses every Sunday. Temples are closed Sundays. They are for individual worship. The reason why only some people can enter is because Temples are very sacred places. There are certain covenants, or promises, we make once inside. Not all people are ready or able to make such covenants yet. One must prepare them self spiritually. It takes work and discipline, but it's not impossible and you do not have to be perfect! Show more Show less