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Hi I'm Jared Farris

I'm a drummer. I love sushi. I'm a Mormon.

About Me

I'm the second oldest of 4. I grew up in a, what was back then I small town in Utah, about 30 minutes North of Ogden called Syracuse. I have two younger sisters and an older brother. I love music, it's pretty much my life. I like cooking as well. I can be pretty adventurous at times, I'll do/try anything once. I can be a pretty shy kid, but I like meeting new people, and doing crazy random stuff. I love my friends and hanging out with them. I do my best to help other people and help them feel loved. I love my family and am very thankful for them. I served a Mission in Florida, Florida Tampa Mission, and I enjoyed it a lot. Well, that's all I can think of for now, I hope this help!

Why I am a Mormon

Well, to start off, yes I was born in the church, and no, I wasn't always the best Mormon I could have been. Through out my Jr. High and High School days I made some, not so good choices. It wasn't till I was 18, about to turn 19, around the time when young men in the church starting to be asked if they are going to go on a mission, that's when I started asking myself, "What am I doing with my life?". If this was something I really believed in, and if so, am I going to go on a mission. So, I started getting help from my bishop, family, and friend who were in the church, and started straightening out my life, but I was still questioning if Mormonism is really true, so I started reading the Book of Mormon, praying every night and morning asking Our Heavenly Father in prayer if it is what I should do. It wasn't til one day while studying the scriptures that I had received a witness from the Holy Ghost, I did receive a testimony right then that make me realize how much happier I am now that I am living my life the way I am supposed to, and how much joy having The Gospel and living it brought me. And that's why I'm a Mormon, because I know for a fact the this is how my Father in Heaven wants me to live, and because of the joy I have felt living these standards that I haven't felt anywhere else.

How I live my faith

I live my faith in many different ways. I attend church every week, try to attend church activities and social events when I can. I pray and study my scriptures daily. I go out and help people whenever I can. I try to help people realize how much good can come and does come by living a good example. Following the teaching of church leaders. Being a Mormon is not just something I do, it's who I am.

Why is it important for us to take care of our bodies? Why are our bodies called temples of God in the Bible?

Jared Farris
There are plenty of reasons way we should take care of our bodies, one of the main reasons is simple, because it's a commandment from God. another reason is because of what not taking care of our bodies can do to you. For example, and I don't mean to offend anybody so a apologize if I do, take a smoker, most people who smoke, wear out faster then people how don't, they're cardio isn't as great, they lose there breath easily, and plus we all know that smoking causes cancer. Generally, living a healthy life style by taking care of our bodies makes ourselves happier, and feel better about ourselves. In the bible the apostle Paul states, "Know ye not the ye are the temple of God, and that the Spirit of God dwelleth in you?" (1 Corinthians 3:16). To my understanding, what Paul is trying to tell us, is our bodies are a holy place, that is why it is referred to as a temple, which is one of the most holy places. If we defile our temples, or bodies, we will not be able to have the Spirit of God with us and anything the harms our bodies in anyway is demeaning to it. Even defacing our body with things such as tattoos, can defile our bodies. But! God knows our intentions. The Lord does not punish those who do not have a knowledge of His teachings, if any of us have ever done anything to make our temples unclean, if we have repented and made a promise with The Lord that we will do our best to take care of our bodies as much as is possible, He WILL forgive us, and we can become clean again. Show more Show less

How can I know Mormonism is true?

Jared Farris
The way you can know that Mormonism is true is simple, by asking. What I mean by that is to go to the main source of all truth, asking God Himself. By asking Our Heavenly Father in prayer if something is true or not, we can eventually come to know for ourselves what is true. Then Our Heavenly Father will allow us to know that it is true is by the Holy Ghost, in Galatians 5:22-23, it's describes the feelings of the Holy Ghost, it states, "But the fruit of the Spirit is love, joy, peace, longsuffering, gentleness, goodness, faith, Meekness, temperance: against such there is no law." When we pray about Mormonism, the Book of Mormon, or anything for that matter and want to know if it is true, the Holy Ghost will manifest the truthfulness unto us by it's fruits. The Holy Ghost's job, to let you know what is true and what is not true, and to bring you guidance, and help you make good choices. Through faith and prayer to Our Heavenly Father, He will send the Holy Ghost to us and he will do what he was sent to us do to. Show more Show less