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Hi I'm Griffith

I'm backpacking Europe and I'm a Mormon.

About Me

I'm 23 I drive a black jetta covered in bumber-stickers. I'm backpacking through Europe right now but I'll be back soon. I'm working on my degree in psych. I love to: slackline / longboard / make art / read / play banjo / listen to Independent music / travel. Because I think music can help define a person, here's some music I enjoy: Pomplamoose, The bird and the bee, Mates of state, Andrew Bird, Sufjan stevens, Shins, Beirut, Elliot Smith, Pinback, Jonsi, Dr. dog, Bon iver, Fleet foxes, Bill withers, Department of eagles, Animal collective, Al green, Cat stevens, Chromeo, Chuck berry, Peter paul and mary, Curtis mayfield, Devendra banhart, Grandmaster flash, Gogol bordello, phoenix, Tender forever, Passion pit, Say anything, Mika, The blow, Girl talk, Son house, Howlin' wolf, Queen, Cali, The black keys. Also, some authors: Stephen Chbosky, C.S. Lewis, Mark Haddon, Dave Eggers, Markus Zusak, Tom Robbins, Jonathan safran Foer, Oscar Wilde, Jack Kerouac, Gabriel gareia Marquez. Lastly, If you request a poem I'll send you one! (Give me a subject to work with) - To contact me: griffith.jones@gmail.com -

Why I am a Mormon

When I was 9 years old my mother and I began to learn about the Mormon religion. My mother, with careful consideration and after many months of learning about the religion, decided to become a member. I remember being very reluctant to join her because I wondered what my father would think and although I was young I had a strong desire to know the truth and do what is right. My mother never pushed me to be baptized with her and I continued my indecision until I went to church one Sunday and heard a man, with great passion and conviction, bear his testimony that if there was anyone within the sound of his voice that did not know the truth of the Mormon faith and the gospel of Jesus Christ that they should fast and pray concerning its validity. I felt like he was speaking directly to me and without telling anyone I decided that the next day I would go without food and water and I would pray about the Book of Mormon and this religion. I remember the exact moment when I felt it was time to say my prayer. It was late in the evening and I was at my Mother's boyfriend's house (who is now my step father). I snuck off to be alone and found an empty bedroom. I knelt down and clutched my copy of the Book of Mormon that the missionaries had given me. As I bowed my head I remember expecting light to fill the room and a chorus of angels to appear. I kept waiting but nothing happened. I slowly realized that I needed to pour my heart out to the lord without expecting anything, just as one of the missionaries had described. I began talking to the Lord as I would talk to my friend and then I remember crying. I can't believe how hard I cried, I just kept remembering what I had learned in church and the good feelings I got when the missionaries came over and most of all I felt incredible peace and happiness and my worries about my Dad not approving just disappeared. I felt.. really good. I'm actually tearing up now, just writing about this. I walked out of the bedroom feeling lighter than air and promptly marched up to my Mom and announced that I was going to be Baptized. She gave me a knowing smile and a hug. I know that this church is different from any other, I can't express how serving a mission and all the community service and the friendships that I've gained from this church have molded me as a person and completely changed my life. It is my greatest hope that someone reading this might be moved enough to just read from the Book of Mormon and pray to ask if its true like I did when I was young and have continued to do throughout my life. I want others to experience the joy and relief and peace that comes with truly knowing where we are going and why we're here and what for! Please contact me or talk to a missionary if you have any questions at all.

How I live my faith

When I'm home I'm almost always in a teaching position. One amazing thing about this church is, we have a lay ministry. That means there are no paid clergy. Every member of the church is holds a "calling" or duty that they perform in order to provide all the functions of the church. The members even give the sermons every Sunday. Being a teacher forces you to learn from the wealth of scripture and teaching aids that are available. We are encouraged to make our lessons our own and find truths from any source. This has made me a better public speaker and has helped me in countless aspects of my life. More than anything though I just like to watch my five year olds actually learn something between sticking cheerios up their nose. Right now because I'm backpacking through Europe I am especially grateful that the Mormon church is a worldwide church. I am able to go to church all over the world and they are all preaching the same gospel of Jesus Christ. When I can't find a Mormon church to attend on Sunday or if I'm in a country that does not allow Christianity's presence I spend some time reading the Scriptures and I attend a Mosque or go to Catholic Mass, I do this because I know that there are truths in these religions too and I can share me testimony of Jesus Christ with other people who's faiths bring them joy.

How can I know Mormonism is true?

If you pray and sincerely ask the Lord if the Book of Mormon is true or if you should attend the Mormon church, then you will receive an answer given by the Holy Ghost, helping you feel peace and joy and relief from your worries. Show more Show less

Why is family so important to Mormons?

A older gentleman once told me in church that as you reach the end of your life, your priorities become vividly clear. You don't sit around thinking about how you wish you had spent more time at work or you wish you had bought that motorcycle. If you have any regrets they are about not spending enough time with your family. They're about wishing you had less things and stronger relationships with your family. This really made an impact on me and I think that God's eternal perspective allows him to direct us to true happiness. He loves us and wants us to find joy and so he directs his church to be very family oriented and focused. Family home evening and the scouting program and just part of why Mormons traditionally have strong families and family values. Show more Show less