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Hi I'm Ben

I'm in the Navy. I served a mission. I love Mexican food, and I'm a Mormon.

About Me

I grew up in Arizona in a well to do family where we went to church just about every week. We had our problems but nothing out of the ordinary. My entire life I've chosen to work hard and make the most of it no matter what. In high school I was very active, and that presented me with many paths to take as I considered where I was to go from there. With all things considered, I ended up going to the United States Naval Academy on the other side of the country. That proved to be a great learning experience, until two years later another big life decision presented itself to serve as a missionary for 2 years. I'm extremely grateful for the opportunity I had to serve in that capacity; it changed my life. Now I am nearly finishing my time at school and preparing for flight training as a pilot. I look back on the past six years and see the guiding hand of the Lord in my life; and now I look forward to the great experiences that lie ahead.

Why I am a Mormon

Sometimes I ask myself the same question. As I think about why, I can only think of what Christ's gospel and his restored church have done for me. It's a lifestyle of freedom and happiness that can't be found anywhere else. Throughout my life I've had and continue to have experiences that reconfirm my faith. Being in the military I have traveled to many places, but I see the same universal principles in practice. Wherever and whoever we are we need to believe in Christ if we're to progress. I don't really believe in coincidences; everything has a purpose, it's just that sometimes we choose to ignore the lessons we can learn when things go wrong. I have realized in my life that there's so much potential and good within us that it would be a tragedy to waste our time and talents it on unimportant things the world seems to endorse. I've found through my own experience that true peace and happiness in life come from keeping the comandments of God.

How I live my faith

Service for me seems to have a taken on a whole new meaning as I've had the blessing of dedicating not only two years of my life to serve God and others but also my professional career. The wonderful thing about Christ's Church is that wherever you go, whoever you are, whatever talents you may have, you can serve, and lift, and inspire others to be better. That is where I have found that true happiness lies. I've been able to find it wherever I am in the world.

In whom should we have faith?

A lot of people, first and foremost our Heavenly Father, who has told us to beleive in His son, our Savior Jesus Christ. But since they have such a great love and confidence in us I think we should have faith in others as well, especially with ourselves. Show more Show less

What are some things that tell you there is a God?

Well, there's a lot. However for each person that asks such a question must, in the end, make a choice. I myself struggled for a long time to know if in reality there was such a being as God. I can only say that in the end it is an act of faith to believe. We must choose to believe, however our faith is then confirmed by a divine witness of what we will then know is the reality of things. I'll tell you what, faith is a lot better than doubt. I don't have to worry about proving that there isn't a God or fear the possibility that he really does exist; I am free from many things because of that truth. I have joy because of it, and that you don't get that from being atheist, that's for sure. Show more Show less