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Hi I'm Benjamin

I love film, I love photography, I love life, I'm a mormon

About Me

I was born in Fairfax County Virginia, I don't really know exactly where that is and the nearest place that I know anything about is Arlington and Washington D.C. So when people ask I just say I am from outside of D.C. by Arlington. I moved to Alpine, Utah when I was 10 and have become a Utah boy. I love exploring, hiking into the mountains and finding caves, repeling, rock climbing, doing all sorts of outdoors stuff, I also love Movies. I like to watch movies, make movies. Anything to do with movies, I love. Music is also very much a part of me. It makes my world go round. All sorts of music, I love it all. BMX, Ping Pong and Parkour are pretty much the best sports ever and some of my favorite things to do to pass the time. I speak a bit of Mandarin Chinese and I am working on learning Spanish as well. I love to travel and I plan to travel the world someday. I plan to live in Hong Kong or something like that someday in the near future.   

Why I am a Mormon

I am a mormon for several reasons. First being that there are questions that no one else seems to have answers to. I remember growing up with questions like do we all need to be baptized to make it to heaven? and if so what about the people in other countries that have never heard the name of Jesus Christ how do they make it to heaven with out baptism? It always seemed that most people just shrug off those kinds of questions and such or say something like well God will handle that. Here questions aren't discouraged, they invite revelation, and as we search and pray to get our answers we learn more and become better people. Second, and extremely important, The Book of Mormon, Another Testament to of Jesus Christ. I was told over and over to read the book. Read it everyday. I always found reasons not to and other things just always seemed to get in the way. But as I read the Book of Mormon and prayed about it I felt happier and I felt just a greater since of peace in my life, I felt that there was a hole in my chest that was being filled. After I finished reading the entire book I realized that in a very real way it was and is Another Testament of Jesus Christ. It has strenthened my testimony in the lord and savior and it has made me a better person and I am certain beyond all shout of a doubt that it is the word of God as well as the Bible.  

How I live my faith

I am serving a full time mission in Raleigh North Carolina. I have held random other resposibilites in the church as well including primary teacher over the 7 and 8 year olds.

Why do Mormons baptize their new members?

Because the proper priesthood authority has been restored to the earth. Just like if I were just a regular citizen and I were to try to go out and write someone a ticket. It holds no validity, it holds no authority. We share that that authority to baptize has to be given from God, and has been given to our church. That authority was given to Jesus Christ's apostles but after the Lord and Savior was crucified the world rejected his apostles as well and that authority was not passed on and needed to be brought back. We share that is was brought back and with that authority we need to be baptized by it. Show more Show less

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