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Hi I'm Alexandra

I was born a Kiwi & grew up a Gypsy. I studied as an Aggie & an honorary Italian. Above all else, I'm a Mormon.

About Me

My roots are in New Zealand, but I've lived the last 5 years in Utah where I just earned my bachelor's of International Studies. I achieved my life long goal to experience Italy by studying abroad in Siracusa, Sicily. I'm now an Italian cuisine snob, arrivederci Olive Garden. Next on my bucket list, learn to surf! I love to understand what makes people tick (hence a Psychology minor). I'm an introvert, but once I know-like-trust you, it's easy for me to open up. I value good listeners and try to be one too. When someone focuses all their attention on what I'm saying to them, not allowing any distractions, it makes me feel like a top priority, that they truly care about me. I express myself best through the written word, but have never wanted to be an authoress, although reading is my #1 entertainment. I'm the 3rd generation of my family to be moved, and choose to move, around a lot. I gave up figuring out the average # of houses I've lived in once I hit 19 (that's houses & years). I want to renounce my Gypsy ways because I've learned that a place doesn't make you happy, the people do. I'm not married, have not been married, and will not be married for at least the next 18 months. I'm about to embark on the next big adventure/challenge/reward of my life...a full-time mission for The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints. For a Mormon girl, this is not expected/commanded/required, it is my choice and one that I know I will never regret.

Why I am a Mormon

Both of my parents joined the Church individually as teenagers and are the only Mormons of their families. They have been my examples, my teachers, and my greatest supporters always and forever. I especially am grateful that they helped me develop a personal relationship with Heavenly Father from a young age. My parents guided me first to understand and then live the principles of Christ's restored gospel. Rather than making me "do it because I said so," they allowed me to discover and confirm the truth of this Church for myself.

How I live my faith

When I moved to the United States, I was able to start attending a Young Single Adults YSA ward. These are unusual in New Zealand as we don’t have the high numbers of young Mormons all in one area, like you get here. The general age group of YSA wards is 18-30yrs and besides the social benefits, I’ve appreciated the chance for growth that has come from teaching to, and learning from my peers. If I was going to a family ward, the challenging leadership positions would likely be filled already by the older and more experienced people and I would still feel like one of the kids. However in a YSA ward all the positions are filled by us ‘youngins’ and so we learn by doing, rather than watching. I was so overwhelmed when I was called to first start teaching in Relief Society, which is the women’s organization within the church. I had never taught a lesson before! Not in church, not anywhere. I dreaded public speaking like the plague. I was being asked to go far far out of my comfort zone and I felt so inadequate. However I know now that this served to humble me so I would turn to my Heavenly Father, and when I put my trust in him he helped make my weaknesses become strengths. I have come to know that a good teacher of the Gospel does not focus on leaving a memorable ‘performance’ or being a stirring lecturer. The power of God will make much more of an impact than your eloquent words or personal knowledge. So it is my responsibility to live my life righteously, in a way that will invite Heavenly Father to teach me the message that the women need, through the Holy Ghost. He also guides me in how to teach the lesson, whether it be by the questions I ask or to ask certain people to share their feelings and experiences on the topic. I have gained confidence in my teaching skills as I have relied on the Lord. Now I feel excited to go out and teach the Gospel, especially over the next 18 months to those who have been prepared to receive it in New Zealand. Our Father in Heaven knows our capabilities better than we do, and asks us to stretch and grow to our fullest spiritual height. He will only ask what he knows we have the ability to accomplish, if we trust in him - 1 Nephi chapter 7, verse 12. Being a Mormon means a life of constant learning and progression, one that will challenge us to achieve our full potential for good. Our goal is to become like Jesus Christ and our Heavenly Father, and while that may seem impossibly difficult right now, the important thing is to never stop trying - 1 Nephi chapter 8, verse 24. Just like any loving parent, our Father in Heaven wants us to do our best in all things and he will always be there to support you. He picks you up when you fall, and he rejoices in your victories.