What Is a Church Community?

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Hi I'm Chris

I love Reading and I'm a Mormon.

About Me

I like lots of things like music, food, culture, and reading...lots and lots of reading. I like subjects like history, science, and science fiction. What I like most in a book I'm reading is how it flows a good author keeps you interested until the end a great author leaves you wanting more. Anything you read and study becomes a part of you. Books can shape what you believe and the your character. The scriptures have helped me to define who I am and where my path in life leads me.

Why I am a Mormon

I grew up in the church and I've learned about the gospel all my life. I was taught by some really good people like my parents who raised me right, my teachers who taught me about the savior when I was a kid, my friends who where a great example to me, and the members I grew up with that made me feel like I belonged to an extended family. I've have always had faith in the gospel of Jesus Christ but I didn't have a super strong testimony until I became older and started asking questions about different points of the doctrine. As I searched the scriptures and prayed for the answers to some deep questions I had, I felt the power of the Holy Ghost in my heart and gained a greater understanding of where we are going and God's love for me. I know that this is Christ's church and that it can lead people to eternal happiness. We just have to have the faith to change our lives to live how our father in heaven would have us live. He loves us more deeply than we can comprehend and as we get to know him we can feel a part of the infinite love he has for everyone.

How I live my faith

Its all about how you live. Over the past few years I've gained a lot of charity for people I meet. Everyone has their own personal story and when I get to know people I gain an understanding of what people have gone through and how it’s affected them. I do my best to treat others with respect, kindness, and courtesy. Christianity is in how you live and how you treat others. The guy on the street is your brother and while you may not have known him in this life he's a part of God's familly just like you. Our values come from a loving heavenly father and if we live up to them we see those blessings.

Why is family so important to Mormons?

Think about it this way. Would heaven be heaven without your brothers, sisters, parents or your spouse and children? Our families shape who we are we love them and want to be together with them for all eternity. We lived as a family with our Heavenly Father before we were born into this life and he has given us families here on earth. We believe that the family unit is ordained by God so that we can grow up in an environment that only a family with the gospel can provide. Show more Show less

What is the Book of Mormon?

The Book of Mormon is an additional witness that Jesus is our savior and that his gospel leads to salvation. It tells the story of two civilizations that the Lord raised up on this continent. It contains the writings of ancient prophets that the Lord called to lead his people just like the Bible. What is significant about the Book of Mormon is that it also stands as a witness that Joseph Smith really was called to be a prophet of God and that the fullness of the everlasting gospel of Jesus Christ is once again here on the earth. This is a book that calls men to repentance through faith in the atonement of Jesus Christ. It testifies of the Lords everlasting love for us and is meant as a guide for our lives. If someone studies it with real intent and applies its teachings in their life they will see a wonderful change. The Gospel of Jesus Christ has the power to make one Christlike and the Book of Mormon shows that over and over. It is true in every sense of the word and could have only come from God. Show more Show less

How can we increase our faith in Jesus Christ?

There are a few simple commandments that everyone can use to increase their faith. CPR: Church, Prayer, and Reading the Scriptures. All of these things have helped me to increase my faith. Going to church every week helps me focus on Jesus Christ and his Gospel and my testimony is strengthened by the testimony of others. Prayer is communicating with God and that’s the best way to get to know him on a personal basis because we can feel the presence of his Holy Spirit when we pray and he speaks to our hearts. I know that he answers our prayers. Reading the Scriptures increases our Gospel knowledge and our understanding of Jesus Christ and what the Atonement really means for us. All of these things have to be done together to get the full effect of the Spirit in our lives. Show more Show less