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Hi I'm Myra

I'm a Mormon. I chose to be a Mormon on my own when I was just a child of age 12 when I heard the missionaries teach.

About Me

I have had the privilege of being a SAHM for most of the past 29 years of my marriage and raising my 6 children. Four of those children have left home now. The oldest son lives on his own and runs a karaoke business on the East Coast. My oldest daughter is married, attending college in at BYU and expecting our Second Grandchild! My son Ben is a return missionary, lives in a nearby town works and attends college. My youngest son is still on his mission. You can look up his profile Elder Reuben Johnson. We still have two daughters at home now. Hannah works as local movie critic and Abigail is finishing her senior year at high school. Our lives have changed so much in the past two several years. The downturn of the economy forced us to rethink me being a stay at home mother. I had to take the daily routine of being at home and turn it into work experience. My husband was so helpful and supportive of my new endeavor. I turned my hobby of photography into a new career. I found a job as a photographer at studio within a few days of looking for work. There is something so satisfying about capturing that perfect moment, that perfect look or smile or twinkle and the eye. I am so grateful to have found a job I really enjoy. I love living close to my daughter and her growing family. I get to watch my grandson learn and grow everyday. I am really looking forward to meeting the new grandchild in February. This life is not always easy but it is an incredible journey and I love it!

Why I am a Mormon

I am a Mormon because I wanted an eternal family. I was a lonely little girl in a small town who climbed trees to pray, so God could hear me better. I had seizures so nobody wanted to play with me, they were afraid they would 'catch them'. One day a new girl at school asked if she could be my best friend. YES of course I said. We did become best friends. I even attended church with her. I thought it was odd to a have church at somebody's house but she was my best friend. She told me about the families being together forever. I like the idea of that, my parents were going through a divorce at the time. My parents divorced and we moved away. The following year the Mormon missionaries moved in to the apartment upstairs from my mother and me. I watched them ride their bikes in their white shirts and ties and thought they looked awfully silly. Once I realized they were Mormon I felt bad. The Elders taught my mother, stepfather and me. We were baptized in May. I have tried my best to live the standards of the LDS church since my baptism. I am now married in the temple to a wonderful man. We have 6 children. We both serve in our callings and attend the temple when we can. 1 daughter is married in the temple and 2 sons are serving their missions. I look so forward to being that forever family my friend told me about so long ago. I'm lucky that my parents love me enough to still be kind to one another and have a genuine friendship that has lasted through the years. I know Christ can heal all wounds, even broken hearts.

How I live my faith

I live my faith by being a mom. One day our son heard a "bad word " on tv. He then repeated that word. I was a bit shocked that he said it. We had a short discussion about where he heard the word, did he know what it meant, etc. He had no clue what the word meant he was simply repeating a silly phrase. We decided to set a standard right then, If you hear Mommy and Daddy say the word then you can say it. It's an okay word to say, BUT if you have NEVER heard Mommy or Daddy say that word, you can be pretty sure it's a bad word and you should not say it. That was a fairly easy standard for my husband and I to keep because neither one of us had a habit of swearing. We kept the movies at a PG and later as the kids got older a PG 13 level in the home. Our kids have not heard swear words from our mouths. If they choose to use foul language they have not learned it from us. When our youngest daughter was a baby we lived out of town by a lake. There we no street lights to impede the view of the night sky. I pointed to the moon and told her to look at the moon. She looked at my finger. I kept trying to get her to look at the moon. Finally I decided to simply enjoy looking at the moon myself, obviously my little one was too small to enjoy this beautiful sight. Her tiny head tilts back as she follows my gaze upward and she points up to the sky and she says her first word, "moon" I live the gospel by being the best example I can be for my children to follow. I learned a long time ago, they don't listen to what you say, they see what you do. I hope my children have seen me serve the Lord as I have served them. It has been my greatest joy to be their mother.

How can faith in Jesus Christ influence us in our marriages and family relationships? in our friendships?

Faith in Jesus Christ influences us in our marriages and family relationships by teaching us to trust in another person. I grew up in home that didn't have Christ as the central figure. There was no faith in Christ so there was no faith or trust in one another in the marriage. When my friend told me that families could be together forever I thought the idea sounded great but I wondered, " How?" How can anybody trust and have faith in another person? Now I know. The missionaries came into our home and taught us about having faith in Christ and what that kind of faith can do for two people and their relationship. It strengthened our relationship. It has helped us to have faith in one another and remember that our commitment it to a higher being not just one another. Show more Show less