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Hi I'm Jonathan

Lived in London, Southern France and both coasts. Worked Construction, taught school, run rec. properties. I'm Mormon!

About Me

I'm a grandfather of three, father of four and married to an awesome woman who is the love of my life. I love exploring lost neighborhoods in the cities and hidden canyons in the mountains. I have one of the best jobs in the world. I develop and maintain outdoor learning centers(recreational properties), for the use of families, youth groups, and non-profit organizations. Providing a place where all can come to get away from the hustle and bustle of the world around us; a place where one can commune with nature, enjoy wholesome activities with friends, families and associates, and take time to regroup, refresh and prepare for another round of challenges the world places before us.

Why I am a Mormon

Since I was a small child I had always loved studying the world Iived in and the universe around it. I loved Science and learning how all things in nature and the Universe had an order and was governed by laws. I had always felt something missing in all this that there had to be some thing, entity or being that set the order or put these laws in motion. I had looked for it in science, science fiction, in churches, synagogues and temples. One day I was invited to a small church near Bryce Canyon in a little town of 200. I saw and listened to a person (not a preacher) talk about God in a way that I felt in my heart "this person knows God...How do they know?" After the meeting a friend that invited me to the meeting answered my quetion by giving me a Book of Mormon and asked me to read it. I was 17 at the time. I read it, unlike the Bible, Torah and Koran which I had also read from this book was much simpler to read. I got towards the end of the book in the 10th Chapter of Moroni and was overcome with such a feeling of peace, warmth and joy that I didn't want it to leave. My friend came into the room and told me what I was feeling was the Holy Ghost to which I replied, "Holy What?". That question lead me to understand how I could know for myself the reality of a God, a Father in Heaven I never knew for sure existed. In the passage I was reading when I received this feeling it basically said that if I were to ask God the Eternal Father in the name of Christ if these things I was reading were true he would let me know by the power of the Holy Ghost and by that power I could know the truth of ALL things! That was an awesome promise. I had a problem, I didn't know how to ask God, I had listened to prayers in Latin, Hebrew and even repeated prayers by rote. I never had prayed from my heart was never taught how. I had a couple of missionaries teach me how and that opened up so much for me. Since that time I have always had my prayers answered through feelings, impressions and sometimes even whisperings from within. I know God lives, that I'm his child that he is literally our Eternal Father and because of that you and I are literally brothers and sisters, we are truly the family of man. Being brothers and sisters we may get into arguments and disagreements but I've learned to have love and tolerance for all because I know each of us made a consceous decision to be here. I've learned that no matter whether it be the person on death-row waiting for his sentence to be carried out or the Pope God loves each of them the same as a parent would love each of their children the same because we are literally His. He loves us so much that he sent his only begotten son in the flesh to dwell among us to teach us by example how to find true joy through service. He suffered an incomprehinsible anguish when he took upon ourselves the pain and suffering for all of our mistakes and he did it out of love. He died and lives again so all of us may have the opportunity to live again eternaly and if we just abide by the guidelines of happiness he given us through his commandments we will have the opportunity to live eternaly with him again. I have developed such a close relationship with a Heavenley Father that I never knew existed, I'm so grateful for friends that invited me to come and listen and find out for myself. Now even if I were seperated from friends or family I know that the Lord is as close to me as my knees are to the ground. He being my deerest friend has always been there and if I continue to live right he always will be there. This has brought a peace, and confidence into my life I never had before and a joy that is true and everlasting, that can't be removed. So grateful for life and all its ups and downs for I know I learn more and because of those experiences will be better for it. It has been such a joy to share this knowledge with so many and see them find out that it's really true! It really is!!

How I live my faith

I currently enjoy helping organize activities in our church. We just finished a Nativity Exhibit where members of the community donated about 500 nativities from across the world to be on display for all to see and enjoy as they walked through the exhibits. I also have the opportunity to work with our community in providing service days for members of our Church to perform volunteer projects in our local parks, cemetaries and schools in upgrading, cleaning and maintaining the facilities. I also have the opportunity to work with local emergency disaster coordinators to set up neighborhood zone leaders to check on one another in the event of natural disasters like wind storms, earthquakes, floods etc. Through coordination of local city and county officials we're able to form a communicaiton network that can get out into each part of the community to check on individual homes to make sure occupants are alright and have the essentials to sustain themselves until power, water and energy can be restored to their homes. We have seen these plans be put into action already several times in the last few years becuase of the floodds and violent storms we have had in this part of the Washington area. Such a great feeling to be a part of this community and to act as I'm sure Jesus would have to reach out and help those in need.

How can we increase our faith in Jesus Christ?

Just take the time to study His teachings in the New Testament and the Book of Mormon. Then experiment by applying them through serving others as He did, praying to the Father as he did and see if this doesn't start a relationship with him which will endure through all other relationships. It will bring a joy and a peace unmatched by very few things we can find elsewhere in the world we live in. You'll feel this peace, this joy swell within yourself as you do and you'll know deep within your heart it's true. Show more Show less