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Hi I'm Heidi

I'm moderately liberal and a feminist and a loud sports fan. I am a Mormon.

About Me

I'm a newspaper reporter with a master's degree in business. I left my journalism career, I thought forever, to be a missionary in Salt Lake City, then realized there is no job I want to do more than what I was already doing. I'm a sports fan, primarily soccer and football but I'll watch almost anything that's not golf or poker on ESPN.. I'm a moderate liberal feminist who keeps moving to conservative places and am an optimist masquerading as a cynic.

Why I am a Mormon

My parents were baptized as teenagers and later married in the temple, so I was born into the Church and baptized when I was 8 years old. For a long time, that was why I was a Mormon. When I left for college, however, I needed more than that. I had to make the choice to get up on Sunday and go to church, to read my scriptures, to live the gospel of Jesus Christ. For a while I did it out of habit. That changed during my first semester. I was playing on my college's club soccer team and was introduced to a different kind of environment than I'd known growing up. I had plenty of non-Mormon friends in high school, and sometimes they drank and sometimes they swore, but it was peripheral. I didn't get offered beer because people knew I didn't drink. My friends were pretty good at cleaning up their language around me. But this was entirely different. The first weekend trip away with my team, I couldn't count the number of timesI heard the f-word. People were drinking all around me. My team didn't know I was Mormon, and while I was never really tempted, I do remember thinking that I could have had a beer and no one would have thought anything of it. I didn't like it. I went home and and considered how grateful I really was for the gospel. And then I started telling people I was Mormon. I played on that team for three years, and after that first weekend was never offered a drink again. I was extra careful of my language around my team and later around my coworkers when it became an issue. People knew how I lived. I'm a Mormon because life is hard enough. Having standards to live by has not only made my life less complicated but also made it better, happier and more worthwhile. It is not always easy. It's never going to be easy. But with the gospel of Jesus Christ, I can be happy even on the hard days.

How I live my faith

I live in fear of being judgmental. In college I was surrounded by non-Mormons, and many of my friends led different lifestyles than I did. They knew how I felt about drinking, premarital sex and others, I knew how they felt, and that was that. The fact that we had drastically different beliefs may actually have made many friendships stronger because we were able to talk about those differences without pointing fingers or arguing about morals. I also strongly believe in accepting the assignments that come to me. I was told once to always accept the callings that came, and I would be blessed to be able to do them. I have been asked to do a number of things that scared me -- teaching, directing music to children, even going on a mission. But I have always found that I have been blessed to do what I was asked and that I came to enjoy each one. Outside the church, however, there is a much larger community. Christ took care of all people, and he expects nothing less of us.