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Hi I'm Noal

I'm a Mormon. I'm the old guy on the far right

About Me

I am a family man, 58 years old as I write this entry. I have two son's, both in college. The older of the two is married to a fine girl. I am hopeful that they will make me a grandfather soon. My wife and I have lived, struggled and loved together for just under 30 years. I am a pharmacist by profession and a woodworker by avocation.

Why I am a Mormon

Life can be a real mystery. I must suppose that if you are reading this, you are looking for some answers. While nothing worthwhile in this life comes without some effort, answers are available to you if you know how and where to look for them. Most people I know believe there is a God. They believe there must be some purpose to it all, but can’t really say that they know for sure. I know it must sound audacious of me to say it, but I have found some real answers. I can confidently say I know for sure and certain that a couple of things are true. Yes, there is a God in heaven and he cares for us. The purpose of life is to get to know him and learn to live the way he wants us to live. Therein lies security, peace, direction and purpose. In him we find all that is good, worthwhile and fulfilling. These things I know for myself as surely as I know I live and breathe. Your question must be to know how you can learn these things for yourself. Consider. Anciently, God spoke directly to men. Holy men received his words and wrote them down. We find many of these writings in the Bible. Men like Moses, Jeremiah, Abraham or Isaiah in the Old Testament or like John, Paul, Peter or Mathew in the new, had conversations directly with God himself and wrote much of what they heard down. The things they wrote speak to our hearts and can fill us with hope and even joy to contemplate. If an unchanging God was able to speak to men hundreds or even thousands of years ago, why could he not speak to men today? Even more significantly, if God would speak to men today, why would he not speak to you? The short answer is that he will. To find out for yourself doesn’t involve a complex, arcane, or mysterious processes. It does require sincerity, a real willingness to change and even to sacrifice if necessary. You must be willing to do what ever he asks you to do before you can expect him to take you very seriously and give you the answers you are looking for. Once you have it settled in your mind that you are willing to do what is right what ever the hazard, then you are ready to try the experiment. The easiest, and probably the most direct way to find him is to read from the Book of Mormon and then ask in prayer in the name of Christ, if what you are reading is true. Why the Book of Mormon? Because it is direct evidence that God does indeed speak to men today. That he spoke to and continues to speak to men when and where ever they have been willing to obey him. I recommend the Book of Mormon to you because that is what I did myself. I know that Jesus is the Christ, the Savior and Redeemer. That only through faith in him and obedience to his laws and ordinances, can we have hope of salvation. I know that Joseph Smith was a prophet, the great prophet of the restoration. I know that we have a living prophet who leads the Church today under the direct instruction and command of Christ himself. I know that together with the Bible, the Book of Mormon is true. I am just a common man, like many others you may know, so I can also say that I am sure that which a loving God in his infinite mercy has spoken to my heart with convincing power and certainty, he will also speak to yours. Why am I a "Mormon"? Because I know these things are true. Life can be a great adventure. God bless you on your quest.

How I live my faith

For me, faith means doing what you think is right. It means doing your best. It means trying to live the way Jesus taught us to live. I can struggle with a lot of that if we have to be honest. The Savior taught a high standard, but he gave us each other and a wonderful Church to help us with our struggles. I serve as a home teacher and as a ward mission leader in our ward. The part I like the most is that as I do my best to serve the people I come in contact with as a result of these responsibilities, I can feel something of the love that the Master has for them.