What Is a Church Community?

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Hi I'm Sara

I am an artist, dancer, singer, and writer, and I'm a Mormon.

About Me

Hello there! My name is Sara. I love doing artistic things, such as sewing, drawing, writing, dancing, and singing. I'm not particularly good at any of those things, but I still do them because they make me happy. I am a very social person. I love hanging out with friends, and meeting new people. :)

Why I am a Mormon

I was born into the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints. My parents joined the church as teenagers, and met at BYU Utah. When you're growing up in the church, you just do what your parents tell you to, and don't really question it at first. But eventually, you'll reach a certain place in your life where you need to find out for yourself if the church is true. There have been many instances in my life where I have had the knowledge of the truth of His Gospel related to me by the Holy Ghost. Everyone feels personal revelation differently. When what I'm hearing is true, I feel like my body is filling up with warm water, and I could overflow at any moment. I felt this when I prayed to know if the scriptures were true. I felt this when I received my Patriarchal Blessing. I felt this when I went to Youth Conferences. I felt this when people bore their testimony. I felt this as I prayed to know if marrying Todd was the right thing to do. I felt this when I received a blessing of comfort that helped me through my divorce. I feel this when I go to church. I feel this when I watch General Conference. I know that this is the true church. I know that the Book of Mormon is true and that Joseph Smith was a Prophet of God. I know that Heavenly Father loves and cares for me, and knows me personally. I know that Jesus Christ took on everyone's sins in the Garden of Gethsemane. I know that Christ died for me, so that I can return and live with him in Heaven after I die, if I endure to the end. If you don't know these things for yourself, I compel you to find out. I gave it a shot and it changed my life...so what are you waiting for?

How I live my faith

I attend church meetings on Sundays, and participate in Family Home Evening for the Young Single Adults on Monday nights. FHE is when me and other YSAs such as myself get together for a spiritual thought from our missionaries, and a game or two so that we can socialize and become more united. When I was in high school, I went to Seminary. It's an early morning scripture study program for teenagers from 9th to 12th grade. It's a great way to start the morning when your in such an influential place in your life. It taught me to love the scriptures, as well as helped me to understand them and the nature of Heavenly Father and Jesus Christ. I have had many different callings in the church throughout my life. I have taught the Valiant 8 class on Sunday mornings about the Book of Mormon. I have been a secretary, counselor, and president in the Young Women's program. I have been a YCL (Youth Camp Leader) in Girl's Camp over the summer. I've been a music director, in the ward choir, and many other callings. I do my best to go about from day to day setting a good example for my younger sisters and strangers. I don't swear, I listen to wholesome music, I exercise and eat healthier, I don't smoke, drink, or use drugs, I go on fun, wholesome dates, and am polite and courteous on the road, and in public, to friends, family, and strangers alike.

What is being a Mormon like?

Being a member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints is phenomenal! It's a whole community of people who love Heavenly Father and Jesus Christ. They have the same beliefs, and thus a strong social network of people they can be friends with, and help strengthen each other in the gospel. Every Sunday we get together to sing, pray, and learn more about his gospel. Some weeks, church is honestly the best three hours of my week. Partaking of the Sacrament is when we renew our Baptismal covenants. We thank God for all the blessings in our life, and ask for forgiveness from sins we've committed. It really helps to put me on the right track for the upcoming week. As a member of the church, I realize that I have to set an example. There are so many instances in my life where I had no idea how many people were watching me and my actions to see what the Mormon church is really like. The members of the church aren't perfect by any stretch of the imagination, but the gospel is perfect in every way. The church is a hospice for sinners, not a haven for saints. I try to live the gospel as best as I can. Just in doing everyday things I try to be a light and a good example to people who don't know Christ. I want to live in a way that when people get to know me, they will want to know Jesus Christ because they know me. It's a lot of pressure and a huge responsibility, but what a wonderful responsibility! Show more Show less