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Hi I'm Ron

I'm a Mormon. I'm a pilot, a business owner, and joined the Church on my 21st birthday

About Me

I majored in television and electronics in college and worked for different television stations and private universities in their television departments. I'm a flight instructor and aerial photographer in my own business. I've taken thousands of aerial photographs all over California. I also enjoyed teaching people to fly and sharing the fun of flying with them. I'm an entrepreneur and market products and services for myself and for other businesses on the Internet. I'm also a firearms enthusiast and enjoy target shooting and handgun competitions. I have a wonderful wife of over 30 years and am blessed with daughters and young granddaughters.

Why I am a Mormon

I grew up in a Catholic home although we usually only attended church on Christmas and Easter. I was baptized as an infant and attended Catechism and received my Holy First Communion. Although as I got older I felt like something was missing, I'm grateful for the teachings which helped believe in God and his son, Jesus Christ. As a teenager I played the guitar and was invited by a friend to join a band that played in her Pentecostal Church. I enjoyed the warmth and fellowship of the other people my age that I felt was missing in my pervious Church. Eventually I was 'Saved" but didn't really understand what that meant. In time, however I started to have questions. This came to a head when the paster was leaving and they were looking for a new one. Over several months they invited other preachers to apply for the job and give sermons. It seemed like a popularity contest and the winner was going to be the one who told the congregation what they wanted to hear. Even as a teenager, the whole process didn't seem right to me. If this was God's Church it seemed to me that the preacher shouldn't be chosen by who could best tell the people what they wanted to hear. In high school I was invited to go to church with a friend. I had never heard of Mormons or The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints. I liked how friendly and happy everyone seemed to be and the more I learned about the doctrines the more true it seemed to me. I learned I didn't need to depend on man to tell me what was true or depend on a charismatic preacher. I could ask God directly through prayer and he would tell me which was the true Church! I started reading the Book of Mormon and was so fascinated by it that I read it all in just a few days. I knew it the book was real and no man could have written it. Through prayer, I received my answer. While my friends partied on their 21st birthdays, I was excited to be baptized a member of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints on my birthday.

How I live my faith

One of the things I that stood out to me when I was investigating the Church was learning there was no paid ministry or paid positions. Members give willingly of their time to build the kingdom of God and serve one another. To me this is how God's Church would be organized and run. It also helps members learn and grow as they serve in different positions in the Church. It helps us to become better leaders, teachers and parents.  Over the last 35 years I've served in many different ways. I've been in many leadership positions in the men's organizations. I've been a teacher in Sunday School and other organizations. I've served as a clerk helping keep track of our members records and our congregation's finances. Like most active male members of the Chruch I received the Holy Priesthood which helps me act as a witness for God and serve others in a variety of ways. As satisfying as all this has been, the best has been marrying my wife in the Temple and raising our children in the Gospel. Being married in the Temple means our marriage and family won't end when we die but will exist in heaven. We've done our best to make our home a place of peace, prayer and a refuge from the world. Our children learned to have faith and trust in God and stand up to life's tempations. It's wonderful to see our children now starting their own families and raising their children the same way and working to keep the same spirit in their homes.

How can I know Mormonism is true?

Before I found The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints I was told that I had to rely on other people to tell me what was really God's word and what was right and what was wrong. But how could this be? There are so many religions and so many different beliefs. While all have some good, their teachings are so different and many contradict each other. I can't believe that God would say they are all correct or it doesn't matter which one you join. So how to you choose a church and know God's will? -Is it the church that has the most charismatic leaders or the leaders with the most degrees? -Is it the church with the biggest buildings or the ones who don't believe in material possessions? -Is it the Church that changes with the times or the Church that never changes? You don't have to rely on others or your own limited knowledge to know. God says in James 1:5-6; that he will tell you. I studied the Book of Mormon, the Bible and sincerely prayed and asked Heavenly Father to tell me if it was true and he did. It's changed my life forever. You can find out for yourself also. Once you know, no one can ever take it from you. It will bring you peace and happiness that you can't find anywhere else. Show more Show less

Do Mormons worship Joseph Smith?

We do not worship Joseph Smith. We honor and respect him as one that Heavenly Father chose to reestablish his Church on his earth. We reverence him the same way as we do Moses and people that God has chosen to lead and guide his Church in the past. We do worship God and his Son Jesus Christ. Show more Show less