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Hi I'm Natalie.

I'm an Arizona native, a busy mother of two, and a lover of great literature! And I'm a Mormon.

About Me

As a mom of two - ages three and one - life is pretty busy just making sure they stay out of trouble and our house doesn't look like a disaster zone all the time. I enjoy gardening, cooking, writing, reading, photography, dancing with my kids, and learning to create new and beautiful things. I have plans to run a long-distance relay race in February and consequently am trying to develop a love for running. I do enjoy yoga and eating right and exercising, not as a punishment for overeating or to attain some unrealistic body image, but for how my body feels when I treat it right. I always try to remember to enjoy the simple things in life and to slow down, which can be hard in the world today. Someday my dream is to live in a cooler climate where they have four seasons, on some land where we can have room for chickens, a large garden, and lots of fruit trees. Oh, and my house will have a library like the one on Beauty and the Beast. Perfection! :)

Why I am a Mormon

The easy answer to the question "Why are you a Mormon?" is because that is how I was raised. Both of my parents were LDS when I was born, although my mother was a convert to the Church at the age of eighteen. While my father has always been a faithful church-goer, my mom stopped attending when I was about five. So maybe it would be more accurate to say that it was half of how I was raised. The faith of my father and his taking us to church each week is why I was a Mormon as a child and teenager. The reason I am a Mormon today is because of the faith I developed in Jesus Christ as my friend, brother, Savoir and Redeemer. Growing up my mother struggled with alcoholism. My parents stayed together for years for my sisters and I, but eventually it was too much and they divorced when I was twelve. After that my sisters and I spend half the week with my dad and half with my mom, who continued to struggle with her addiction. Being both the child of a divorce and of an alcoholic parent, there were a lot of sad, hard, and sometimes very scary moments in my adolescent life. It was then, as a teenager, that I studied holy scripture and learned to pray to my Father, in the name of the Son, for peace and strength and guidance. I remember feeling as I was on my knees, pleading with God to send his Spirit and peace to our home, that He knew of my suffering and that His angels were there with me. Nothing anyone can say or do will change my knowledge of God, the Father, and his Son, Jesus Christ. I know that they live and that they know and love their children. The gospel of Jesus Christ, the truths taught in the Mormon faith, bear witness of that love and give me peace and assurance in my life. That is why I am a Mormon.

How I live my faith

My faith is a part of my life every day. It influences my choice of movies, books, and music. It helps me make choices about my attitude and how to deal with difficult situations. My family and I set aside one day a week, Sunday, as a day of worship and rest. We attend church where we learn from the scriptures, teach each other, and sing hymns of worship. Currently I serve in my church by preparing and leading the music for one of our meetings. Before that I worked with the children in our church, helping to organize them in to classes, making sure they had teachers, and teaching them about Jesus. My husband teaches high school students every morning from the scriptures. Right now they are studying the Old Testament, and he spends most evenings preparing a lesson for his early morning class. I attend a class once a week for adults in our area to come together to study the scriptures and share our thoughts and testimonies with each other. I also visit other women in my church, bringing them messages from our prophet and other church leaders, and make sure that they are okay and aren't in need of anything. Living my faith isn't just something I do on Sunday or on a religious holiday. Its a way of life for me, and for my family.