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Hi I'm Loneta

I'm a great-grandmother. I love taking care of people. I'm a Mormon.

About Me

After 50 years of marriage I am part of an ever-expanding family, with 15 children and at present 43 grandchildren and 10 great-grandchildren. I taught homeschool for twenty years to more than half of my children, some of whom had special problems and/or special abilities. I love to cook for family and friends and for church functions and enjoy growing herbs and flowers, reading, and sewing. I am currently learning Spanish, and learning to play the piano and cello. I am also attempting to learn to use computers and cell phones, and rely on my grandchildren for technical support! With my husband I spent four Saturdays a month serving at the temple, a longtime dream of ours, for four years. Recently, because of health issues, we have moved in with one of our daughters in Florida. It is a joy to participate with them as they prepare two sons for missions while a third is already out. A high point of each day is participating in family scripture study with them, even if is called by the youngest girl when the parents are out on a date.

Why I am a Mormon

All of my ancestors joined the church in the days the church was organized by Joseph Smith, and they followed the prophets to Utah. I cannot remember a time when I did not know that I had a Heavenly Father that I could talk to and receive answers from. When I was four my mother encouraged me to pray for a little sister to share my bedroom, and my prayers were answered, but I was rather disappointed that she was so small. We both eventually ended up way too big, but I will always remember that the Lord answered my prayers, and never after that did I doubt that I would get an answer. My life has been a constant series of miracles and affirmations and answered prayers and tender mercies of the Lord in the very large and the very small things, and the members of the church have always been there to support and help me and my family through the difficult times, and to rejoice with us in the good times. So many fears that people have are alleviated by having the support of the church through all the trials of life. When one of my daughters was sixteen, she flew from one side of the country to another, returning from a visit with her oldest brother. While making a transfer at the airport in a totally unfamiliar city, she became ill and was taken to the hospital, a parent's worst nightmare. While we had never met anyone in that city, nor did we have any way of getting to her to take care of her, we were able to call members of the church in the area. Within two hours, missionaries were there to give her a blessing, to speak with the doctors, and to call home on her behalf every day for three days until she was feeling well enough to get back on the plane and get home. Though my children are spread out far beyond the borders of any city, I know that they are in good hands in the church. Though I do not know the missionaries, the bishops, the leaders or the teachers in any town but my own, I know that all of them have a testimony of Jesus Christ and will serve those I love as the Savior himself would. In turn, I strive to serve those in my own area as Jesus would, because everyone is a son or a daughter with someone who worries about them. I am absolutely certain that Joseph Smith saw Heavenly Father and Jesus Christ and that The Book of Mormon is the record of Christ's dealings anciently with the people of America. I know that Christ personally directs prophets on the earth today. In spite of a life that has contained challenges, I have been happy, far more than seems possible for most people. I love the idea of being able to progress eternally and to have my family sealed to me forever.

How I live my faith

I always loved going to church and started teaching a children's class at church when I was 16 years old, where I had my 11 year old sister in my class. I'm considerably older than sixteen now and have gotten to teach the gospel of Jesus Christ to people of every age and have tried to participate in every opportunity the church has given me. Now that my husband is retired and my children are all grown, my opportunities in the church have only become more interesting. Every month I visit with wonderful active and less-active sisters in the church to bring them a message about the gospel and to share my testimony with them, though I often feel that I am the one who most benefits from our visits. Even though I had no previous experience with Spanish, I just finished reading The Book of Mormon in Spanish for the first time, which helps me serve in a bilingual temple calling with Spanish sisters in our area. Similarly, I was called to play the piano for the children in their Sunday services, in spite of only having had six months of lessons sixty years ago. I had never learned to play very well, but can now play some songs with two hands, and even the children have noticed the improvement! In recent years I have taken up using the computer to learn Family Search Indexing, which assists in genealogical research within and without the church. Those few hours a week that I spend in front of the computer allow people all over the world to find their ancestors. Because of my husband's health, we are unable to serve a full-time mission, but we spend our Saturdays at the temple, and between that and my regular church work, we have our hands full. We meet and are able to serve people from all over the country and the world and learn of the blessings of the Lord in their lives, which strengthens our testimonies.