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Hi I'm Diana

I come from a multi-cultural family. I grew up in the east. I'm an artist, a self-assigned movie critic, a traveler, and a Mormon.

About Me

I come from a multi-cultural family. My Mom comes from the foreign land of Peru and my Father from the foreign land of Brooklyn with all his Italian heritage, NY accent, and attitude. In 1986 my Dad asked me if the Mets would win the last game of the world series. As an almost one-year-old I managed to get across a "yes", of which he acknowledged. He faithfully watched what would happen 30 seconds later and gives me all the credit for it. The Mets won the 1986 World Series. I love baseball and still hold it to be an all-time classic sport. I am currently a college student working on a Spanish degree to teach it in high schools. I love art, painting, sketching, trees, ducks, and having time to ponder about what matters most to me. With mediocrity I play the guitar, not on purpose mind you--I hope to get better. I self-assign myself vigorous tasks such as watching movies and critiquing them, hence, I call myself a movie-critic. Latin dancing is so much fun and I love it, that, and Zumba! I am 25 years old and spent 18 months in Peru serving a mission for the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints. There I spent my time learning the language and loving the people I crossed paths with, all for the purpose that they could come unto Christ to learn of Him and His gospel. Learning of the Savior and following his teachings brings peace into my life as I continue developing my relationship with Him. I learn something new everyday!

Why I am a Mormon

I remember being in elementary school and sitting on the floor in the hall during our bathroom break. There I sat reading. I carried so proudly to-and-from school with me a blue book called: The Book of Mormon-Another Testament of Jesus Christ. I had never felt so proud to hold in my hands something that I learned later on would transform my life. I would learn that it contained such truth which when studied that there would be opened to me revelation from the heavens. It is as though from such a young age I felt it to be the word of God and I knew that it was something that I should never let go of. This feeling came from my Heavenly Father and has that feeling of familiarity continuously comes upon me as I strive to live my life in accordance to the ways my Savior has taught me, which is through applying the teachings from the Book of Mormon and the Holy Bible. I try to live in a way that will make my Heavenly Father proud. I am a Mormon because I have always felt that by being an active member of the Church of Jesus Christ that it would protect me and help me to understand and gain actual and fulfilling happiness that I could not gain from any other source.

How I live my faith

I wake up everyday and know that I cannot control the way it will end, but I know that the days that I put the Lord first are so much more fulfilling and guided. I currently am finishing my degree in Spanish in Utah. I work as a teacher with the LDS missionaries, and I try my best to serve my Heavenly Father in the church by helping others and more than anything learning from them. Our Heavenly Father knows I am not perfect nor could I ever pretend to be. He helps me to gain trust and confidence in His plan for me by letting me grow and learn on His timing. My faith in Christ is increased as I learn to follow His teaching, and by realizing that by small things great things REALLY ARE brought to pass. By making time to read my scriptures the Lord speak to me and brings peace to my mind and my heart. When I make time to receive guidance from above, I know that those are the days that I treat my fellow men better because I remember who they really are. Those are the days that I am more able to be the answer to someone's prayer, those are the days my prayers are answered. He knows that I am living my faith and keeping my promises to Him. Having faith is having a hope in a brighter future and that brightness of hope comes through the One that gave us all that light--I live my faith my believing in Christ, reading and learning of Him, and trying to be his hands in the small ways that I can, and just continuing to do my best. I'll continue moving forward with my lack of perfection, resolve to move forward, and will be better from it.

Mormons believe Jesus Christ is their Savior. Why do we need a Savior?

I, personally, will be the first to admit that this existence which we call mortality is a life that is not meant to be walked without knowing the Savior. Life can be lived without a knowledge of him. Perhaps it can be led disregarding him, but, that type of living is as hollow and would be as lonely as that word sounds...Sometimes we think we can do things alone, and when times get hard we wish someone would just be able to "get us", or just be able to understand us and our situation. Good thing someone does--Jesus Christ. He is a loving and perfect being, kind, thoughtful, responsible, yet patient with us in all his perfect qualities. Without Him we are doomed to never being able to change. We constantly make mistakes and the shame and sadness that comes from that is only self-contempt. Believing that someone loved us enough to come and take on our burdens, disappointments, shame, sadness, or pain was all done so that we can realize our value in God's eyes. He knows our potential, and that is to be like God, and dwell with him. How wonderful it is for me to know that I'm not just here to pass time and years away but that there is a holy and special purpose to learn, grow, and walk the footsteps of Christ because they lead to the throne of God. Show more Show less