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Hi I'm Jerry

I am a family man living in Mesa, AZ. I operate my own physical security management consulting firm.

About Me

I am the head of a large "not so typical" LDS family. After High School, I elected not to go on a mission - not the typical decision for Mormon boys my age. I married my beautiful wife Sandi who was a brand new convert to the Mormon church. Shortly after we married, I announced to Sandi that I wanted to have "12 Children". She quickly told me that I was crazy and that I might as well put that thought completely out of my mind because it was not happening. Our "great plan" was to have our children early and then we would have plenty of time for each other. After having 2 children (Shanon & Jerrod), we learned due to a medical situation having any more children could jeopardize Sandi's life. We saw a Program on TV called Wednesday's Child which highlighted adopting Special Needs (older and handicapped children). We went through the program and eventually adopted our son Steve. Our "plan" really backfired when several of our married children got divorced and ended up returning home with their children. At one point we had 13 people in our house (5 Adults & 8 children). We have also raised several Grandchildren who are not biologically related to us. Describing their relationship to us requires graphs & charts! We currently live with our youngest son and 3 grandchildren. My wife and I have joint custody or guardianship over several of our Grandchildren. GRANDKIDS ROCK! Counting out own children and grandchildren we have raised 11 children - so I almost made it to the "12".

Why I am a Mormon

I was born and raised a member of the LDS church. As I was growing up I gained a strong testimony of the teachings of the LDS Church. I knew without any hesitation that they were true. As I got older, I investigated other churches. Although many of them seemed to have some portion of the truth none of them had the whole package like the LDS Church. None of them gave me the warm wonderful feeling I had when attending the LDS Church. While in the military, my duties were such that I was not able to attend church regularly. At the time it really didn't sink in what I was missing. After leaving military service I started to attend more often. It was then that I realized that I had been missing one of the most important aspects of my life. Since then I have attended regularly. Going to church on Sunday uplifts me and helps lessen my daily challenges and burdens. I have a strong testimony of the teachings of the LDS Church. I know without any hesitation that they are true.

How I live my faith

I have always helped others through my music. While I enjoy singing, it gives me great joy when someone walks up to me after I have sung a solo and tell me how much they felt the spirit of our Savior with them that day because of the music. I am a very, very big fan of contemporary LDS Composer Sally DeFord. I encourage all of those who are seeking religious truth to: "Come Unto Christ" Come unto Christ ye penitent and meek Seek this Jesus of whom the prophets speak Seek this Jesus whose mercies never cease Come unto Christ, and find in him eternal peace [Lyrics by Sister Sally DeFord © 2008 www.defordmusic.com]

What is Mormonism? OR What do Mormons believe?

With this election in the United States it has become even more evident that many people around the world do not know or understand the beliefs of the LDS Church. Many have said "Mormons" do not believe in Christ and are not "Christians". There is nothing farther from the truth. I know beyond all doubt that our Church was founded by our Savior Jesus Christ during his ministry here on this earth. Further that it was restored in these latter days by Jesus Christ as was prophesied in the Bible . One of the main differences in our beliefs from other Christian denominations is that we believe in modern day prophecy. We believe that the leaders of our church receive inspiration and guidance directly from Jesus Christ who leads this church. Other Christian religions believe prophecy only happened during the time of the Bible. Why would our Heaven Father - who is a merciful God penalize those of us living in this day and age by denying us the guidance of his son, our elder Brother, the Lord Jesus Christ? Jesus Chrsit is the leader of our church and leads this church today. Show more Show less