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Hi I'm Michael McGraw

I work in robotic automation, I am an engineer at heart, but first I'm a mormon, devout husband, and loving father.

About Me

I’m blessed to have been born of parents whose faith and testimony are exemplified daily to their children and acquaintances. Through trials and success they hold to the anchor of their faith, remaining true the Lord Jesus Christ, and inspiring me to set my own base on the rock of His gospel. The good there is in me today, I owe to them; my Savior, Jesus Christ, my testimony in His gospel, and my parents. I'm a father of five and a devoted husband. They are my sanctuary from the storms and stresses of this world. I love them as deeply as I know how to love. If I’ve become a good husband/father/mentor, I owe much of that to them. I love my brothers and sisters who are, have been, and yet will be in this world, regardless of culture or bloodline, race, religion, or creed. My heart aches to know of the calamities and atrocities they’ve caused, and been caused to endure. I love science, technology, engineering, mathematics, FIRST (For Inspiration and Recognition of Science and Technology), robotics and automation, electronics. I enjoy being a mentor and seeing the discovery moments in the lives of those I serve, it keeps me young and hopeful for the future.

Why I am a Mormon

How can I not be a Mormon? The thought is remote and foreign compared to my experience. I’ve felt the Lord's love and assurance on many occasions, as I strive to live according to His gospel as taught in the LDS Church. I’ve also encountered dark and destructive influences, similar to those described by Joseph Smith the Prophet of the Restoration, when I have strayed from the light of those teachings. At the time of my father’s passing I was 18 years old, the oldest of eleven children, and hot-on-my-way to earn a doctorate in engineering. Though my belief in God, Jesus, and the Holy Spirit did not waiver, my faith in their plan for my future expired as I terminated my schooling to return home to help our grieving family. There were a few years of wandering in worldly ways, while I attempted to prove to myself I could get along without Them. On a bright Sunday in Seattle, my heart was softened for a moment as I reflected on the memories of the love and devotion of my earthly father. The Holy Spirit touched my heart and, in my mind, left a single thought, “How much he must have loved you.” My heart softened the more at the thought and I longed to have his hug again. The Holy Spirit touched me again and continued the thought left a second before, “How much more does He love you? He who preserves you from moment to moment by His matchless power, to guard you from certain and immediate destruction, even when you exercise this gift of agency to return hate for love?” All of my soul anguished in apology to Him for my attitude and lack of patience in His design for my future. I cried for a long time, there on the shoulder of the freeway. I prayed and cried for a long time when I returned to my apartment. The Lord loves me and now I am patient to be where, when, and what he would have of me. I seek His council many times daily and watch for His guidance continually, though I am yet far from perfect in following. I'm working on it.

How I live my faith

I want, more than anything, to share what I've learned, of happiness and hope, with my brothers and sisters so they might have lighter burdens. I enjoy working with the youth, to help them discover their talents and interests and to teach them the love and joy that comes from serving one another in a Christ-like attitude. I am grateful for the direction that we should all have a two year's supply against times of trouble. I am grateful for my wife who teaches our children how to be self-sufficient and to be a resource in times of emergency. I recall a related experience when a co-worker was bragging about how he and his boys would provide for their families in an economic crisis by going with their guns to mormon families and demanding their storage. Guidance from the Holy Spirit and my love for him and his family eased this very tense moment around the breakroom, "If you bring your family to my home first, with empty boxes not guns, I will see to it you and your family are cared for." Later that day he came to me privately and apologized and we shared a misty-eyed moment together as he promised to be patient and kind to our missionaries. I work along side my brothers and sisters in the community, in a spirit of fellowship, as we organize projects to better conditions for everyone. How wonderful it is to give assistance to our neighbors in their time of need, and then to receive their support in our own times of difficulty. Who wouldn't want to be a part of such a great body of support and engaged such a happy cause? Living up to my faith and testimony is not always easy. There are times when I struggle against personal conflicts which test my limits and resolve. When these times come I try to recall inspired council from our church authorities, or a scripture that touched me, to counteract my pride, to find peace and humility, and to find the way of our Savior, Jesus Christ.