What Is a Church Community?

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Hi I'm Suzanne

I am a mom, a photographer, and I am a Mormon.

About Me

I have been married 10 years and my husband and I have three beautiful children. We love eating Chinese food, playing Wii, and just being together. I am a photographer and work at a dentist office part time. I also enjoy musical theatre and serve on a community board to support our organization's musical productions. I have been in several productions including CATS, Grease, The Sound of Music and Annie.

Why I am a Mormon

I was raised as a Mormon. Both of my parents were raised Baptist but later in their lives chose to join the Mormon faith. They did not know each other at the time but met later. They raised me to be a Christian. They taught me the inportance of being kind, honest, and to work hard. They instilled in me faith in my Savior and the power of prayer and the importance of going to church. My friends often joked that we were at the church everytime the doors were open. That was probably true and I am very grateful for their examples. I do not know if there was a defining moment but I always knew and believed the church was true. I attended other churches with my friends, went to Vacation Bible School every summer. My parents encouraged me to learn from other faiths but I knew where I truly belonged. I am a Mormon because I have prayed to my Heavenly Father and I know this is His church. I am a Mormon because I know my family can be eternal through the promises I have made with my Heavenly Father in the Temple. I am a Mormon because we have a living prophet on the earth today who leads and guides this church. That means everything to me in this time of conflict and uncertainity. I know that my Savior lives and that He loves me and that because of his sacrafice, I can live with my family again.

How I live my faith

Well I try to live my faith by trying day by day. This includes saying my prayers every day and reading my scriptures. I try to remember my Savior in all that I do. Was I nice to the checkout lady at the grocery store even though the line was moving really slow? Did I work hard at my job today and did my 100%? To me living my faith is not just about Sunday mornings, but every day. I am not always perfect at is, but I do try! I currently work with the youth in my congregation. I am over the 14-15 year old girls. It is my responsibility to make sure they are growing in their understanding of the Savior and of His love for them. This is such a difficult age for teenagers. Gosh, do I remember being this age. It's not easy with the pressures from school. I work hard on making sure they know I love them and want them to make good choices. We meet each Wednesday night, in addition to our meeting on Sunday morning, and I help teach them how to be better people and how to prepare themselves to enter the world as strong women of faith. Each Monday evening our family gathers for our family night. We usually try to have some sort of spiritual thought, but with three little ones that lasts about 5 minutes. Then the focus is on just being together. We like to play board games, Wii, making snacks or goodies, and doing art projects together. It is very important to us to always end our day in prayer as a family. We also read our scriptures together. This is often met with resistance, whining, tantrums, and all out battle, but we still do it. We do it because we know this is what is going to help our children grow up strong in their faith and hopefully make right choices. We are striving to set that foundation for them now.

Are Mormons Christians?

For some reason, this always surprises me when I am asked this question. The name of our church is The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints. The Savior is the foundation of our religion. To me a Christian is someone who believes in Jesus Christ and follows his teachings. That is what we try to do every day as Mormons. So to me that makes us Christians. Show more Show less

Who wrote the Book of Mormon?

The Book of Mormon was not written by any one person. It is a collection of the history and teachings of prophets who lived on the American Continent. The timeframe ranges from 600BC to 400AD. Some of the prophet names include Lehi, Moroni, & Helaman. They can be compared to prophets in the Bible such as John, Luke, or Paul. They testified of Christ and wrote down their knowledge of the Savior and of His teachings. These records were handed down from generation to generation. They were later compiled into one book by a prophet named Mormon, hence the name "Book of Mormon". This compliation of writings was later translated from the ancient languages at the time it was written to English by Joseph Smith. He is not the author, but through the power of God translated it. Show more Show less

Are all Mormons required to serve a mission?

All Mormons are not required to serve a mission. The typical time frame for a Mormon to serve a mission is when young men turn 19 and a young woman can when she turns 21. I personally chose to serve a mission when I was 22 years old. My father delivered pizzas to help cover the cost of my mission. Young men turning 19 are encouraged and expected to serve a mission. Families raise their young men for this opportunity and are so very proud to send off their young men to serve the Lord. For me it was an honor to serve a mission. It truly changed my life! Also, retired couples may choose to serve a mission as well. Show more Show less