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Hi I'm Lisa Kay

I'm a college student. I want to open a camp for troubled teens. And I'm a Mormon.

About Me

I've received my associates degree in general studies and plan to continue my education studying therapeutic recreation. Someday I would like to open a camp that uses Gods creations and healthy activities to promote self reliance and healing. I love hiking, camping, singing dancing, drawing, climbing, etc. I feel blessed to say that mostly, I love my job. I work with people who have been diagnosed with mental retardation. When I was in elementary school, my mom had a hard time getting me to school. One morning my principal called our home. He told my mom that if she didn't bring me to school, he would call the truant officer. She fell apart and told him of her troubles. He told her not to worry and simply try to get me to school, however late it ended up being. He would watch me for a week and see what he could come up with. A week later he called my mom and told her this. He noticed that I was always eager to help the teacher or anyone else who needed help. I never fought when I had the opportunity to serve. He mentioned that there was a need for help in the TLC class preparing the classroom and meeting the children at the bus. So, he proposed that they ask me to be their helper. My mother later told me that the situation went from "she couldn't get me there at all" to "she couldn't get me there fast enough". "Hurry mom!" I would say. "They need me. I can't be late." Since then, service has been an anchor for me. I am never happier than when I am working with people; helping them. I also love all of Gods creations on this beautiful Earth. I'm a bit of a "granola" as I've been called. I was exploring some waterfalls back in September when I got a little too curious about one. With nothing to grab onto, I fell about ten feet into the shallow water below, shattering my heel. Usually this type of fracture comes with knee and spinal injuries. I was blessed to only break my heel. This week, I started walking. Next week I will begin rehabilitation. I have been called to serve as a missionary in Honduras. As soon as my foot heals completely I will go.

Why I am a Mormon

My parents taught me the gospel of Jesus Christ and set a beautiful example for me to follow. However, it wasn't until I searched for myself that I knew it was true. I remember the first time I read the Book of Mormon. I was reading in Mosiah where the sons of Mosiah were asking permission to go and teach of Christ to the people of Laman. They said that they wanted to teach because "they could not bear that any human soul should perish; yea, even the very thoughts that any soul should endure endless torment did cause them to quake and tremble.". I thought to myself, "this must be something really big to cause them so much anxiety over it. I didn't know if it was true but I felt I had to find out. So I continued reading and praying to know if it was true. There would be sweet moments when I was reading where the Holy Spirit rested in my heart and I felt so strongly that the things I was reading were true. I thought, "I know that what I am feeling now is from the Lord. I can feel His love. I know that it is true and because I am feeling this now, I know I can never deny it. The Book of Mormon is the word of God. Joseph Smith really was a prophet called of God to restore Jesus Christ's gospel on the Earth.". The greatest support to my faith is that I know that my Father in Heaven loves me SO much. If I ever have questions or concerns about things I am learning I just remember this, that He loves me. Then, in the midst of all my worries, I feel a great peace. I don't forget about finding the answers, but rather I feel at peace knowing that I will. The Lord will guide me to what is true and right. If I could tell only one thing to all of my fellow men, no matter who they are, it would be that God loves them. Because of this all our trials may be overcome, all our sins may be forgiven, and if we seek to return to God, we may live with Him and our families for all of eternity.

How I live my faith

On Sundays I teach a Sunday school class for the 4/5 year old children in our congregation. I love it! The lessons that I have been teaching have taught me so much. They put the gospel truths in such a simple and beautiful way that every time I am preparing my lessons, I am so moved by the Holy Ghost. I feel like I'm learning everything I have been taught all my life all over again. I know that the Lord loves His little ones and He guides me as I teach them. Also, I go with the missionaries to teach people about our Church. This helps me because when I tell others about Christ, it helps me remember His love for everyone and my faith in Jesus Christ grows and brings me closer to Him. I am also preparing to serve as a full time missionary. I have been called to serve in the Honduras Tegucigalpa Mission. I was supposed to leave on September 29, 2010 but I broke my foot and now I have to wait for it to heal completely before I can leave. It has been about five months and I have only now started walking. I will begin physical therapy next week and soon enough I will be on my way. Honestly, it's been really hard, but the Lord has given me strength to keep trying. I know that He has a plan in all this and if I continue in faith, He will arrange the pieces of my life into masterpiece.

Why do Mormon missionaries proselyte?

Lisa Kay
Because we love everyone and know that our Heavenly Father's love for them is even greater. We want to teach them that Heavenly Father loves them. We want to teach people the way back to Him so that they can be happy. I've chosen to serve as a missionary because I know it's true. This gospel has given me so much and I just want everyone to receive the blessings that I have been given. Beyond that though, I have felt that my Father in Heaven wants me to. And I want to obey Him because I love Him. Show more Show less