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Hi I'm Stanislav

I'm from Russia,I can take apart AK-47 in 30 seconds,I'm a missionary.I'm a Mormon.

About Me

I'm 21 years old . My life is in general an ordinary life of a young adult from Russia. I grew up in a city called Rostov-on-Don,in the south,so I love the HEAT and dislike cold weather weird,isn't it? . I swiched 4 different schools in 10 years yeah,we spend less time at school there ,it was quite hard for a teenager,but my family needed to move a few times,trying to find better opportunities for work and education. My friends are awesome people who,for the most part don't believe in God or don't think about it at all..You know, in Soviet Union time we didn't have much of religion,and atheism is pretty much a big part of the culture. But I always had these questions in my mind about God,purpose of living etc and I tried many times when I was young to "prove" God,to see if he would manifest Himself to me somehow..mostly I just prayed and then watched if something would happen... haha,well,God definitely was there - that was my conclusion after a few years and many evidences.. After school I went to college in Moscow I moved in the suburb about 8 years ago for 2 years and it's definitely a fun time...but I quit college because an opportunity to go to the United States presented itself, so now I'm here, picking up this tough language and trying to do my best to achieve success in life and help others 

Why I am a Mormon

That's a good question. I'm a mormon because I know that this is the way I should take and follow in my life. I know it's the right way which leads to happiness. How do I know it? well,if you have had any chances to be around members of our Church or to visit our sunday service,you probably heard a few times a phrase like " you've gotta read and pray about the Book of Mormon,and God will answer your prayers and you'll know that it's true". I'd heard that phrase for many years going to this Church (because even though I wasn't born in a mormon family,my parents converted when I was young and they basically raised me in this religion) . When I was about 14,you know,the age when it's so crucial for a teenager to find his/her way in life..the age when people question everything.. So I questioned my religion too.. so what I did was - decide to actually test this promise and to pray to God to find out if all this stuff is true. I thought about it for a while and then just went into my room,knelt and asked God to confirm to me if the Book of Mormon is really His word.. And as I did this I felt such an owerwhelming feeling of confidence about this in my heart that I could not doubt.. The rest is history. Now I'm on my mission sharing with other people my knowledge,joy and happiness that this Gospel brought to my life

How I live my faith

hmmm.. before I became a missionary ( I want to remind you that mission lasts only 2 years) I taught a sunday school class at church for a couple of years.. I shared/share about my religion with my friends and schoolmates.. I love helping others shovel their drive-ways for free..so if you need any help... :) Now I'm a missionary and I'm living my faith by keeping the commandments of God and by sharing and by teaching other people about this religion and how they and find greater peach and comfort and guidance in this life

Are Mormons Christians?

I love this question! :) of course we are. The Scriptures testify of him,His name is on the Church's name. We teach of Christ,we testify of Christ..of course we're christians Show more Show less