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Hi I'm Michael Jacobson

Hello, I'm a Mormon & love being one. I grew up in the Pacific Northwest. I'm also a disabled Veteran who served in Italy!

About Me

Being a disabled Veteran, I have come a long way with my disability. I am blessed to have the medicine & help that I need to deal with my disability. As far as I know, few people with my same disability are able to manage it well. The Lord Jesus Christ and Our Heavenly Father have blessed me & my life in ways that I didn't think would be possible years ago! Part of what I love to do: I love trying new foods & beverages (some I will not try or try again, lol). I really enjoy watching inspiring movies or stuff on my Roku (for example Amazon, BYUtv, YouTube, The Living Scriptures). I enjoy listening to LDS (which is also Mormon), Christian and other good music. I like playing video games once in a while. I enjoy going to the Temple, doing family history work, reading the scriptures, praying, going to church, helping those in need (family or otherwise), etc. I enjoy driving & going to places of peace other than the Temple (mainly parks & the coast). I'm a cat & dog lover. I now have pet dog named Gunner. He is a black lab/other dog mix. Gunner is my first pet that I have ever taken care of. Later in life I would like to get a dog and a cat. I have had cats, dogs & even a pet chameleon in my family when I was growing up. I have been going to college for about 5 years now. I am pursuing an Associates Degree in the computer field. I need to get a Bachelor's Degree. I will not be getting a Bachelors Degree in the computer field. I might pursue a Bachelor's Degree in writing.

Why I am a Mormon

Why am I a Mormon? One reason is because I have found no other religion, church and way of life that has brought me so much truth, light, love, peace and happiness! I was baptized a member of The Church of Jesus Christ in October of 2005 in Mexico. Prior to being baptized I had certain experiences that helped me become LDS. In 2001 when I was in the Navy I crossed paths with Mormon missionaries who I briefly talked with. They left me with a Book of Mormon. All I read was the introductory page to the Book of Mormon because I heard from someone else that the Book of Mormon was copying the Bible (or something else that was not true). I eventually threw that Book of Mormon away. However, as I got back into reading the Bible in 2004 I kept having a strong feeling of curiosity to know what was in The Book of Mormon. At that time, I didn't remember what the books name was and I didn't know where to find it. In 2005 I moved to Mexico. About mid to late 2005 found myself going to a local church there. I also had a desire to walk the streets with a Bible and bring others to know God. So I did. Then I met a man on the street who told me that I didn't have the authority from God to teach the Bible. I was shocked but my heart was open and I listened to him. He set me up with Mormon missionaries. I took the lessons and not only did I get to learn more about God, myself and other things but I got that "blue book with gold lettering" and got to read all of it! One more thing that helped me to see that I wanted to be a Mormon included learning that God is more fair than I thought He was. This is because I learned that: Everyone living or dead is given the opportunity to accept or reject Jesus Christ Everyone except a few people who become Sons of Perdition go to a heaven No one will suffer eternally for never committing an unforgivable sin. I know that Jesus is the Christ, I know that He and Heavenly Father live and I know They love us. In the name of Jesus Christ, Amen.

How I live my faith

One way I live my faith is by participating in my church: I go to church as often as I can. There are some Sundays that I don't want to go and some others where I don't go. I take the Sacrament (which is like Communion except it is done with water instead of wine or grape juice) at church. I participate in sacrament meeting (where the Sacrament is taken, music is sung, prayer is said, etc.) at church. It's common for me to stay the second hour (Sunday School) and last hour of church. Another way I live my faith is through a church "calling" (which is a voluntary position in the church). One church calling that I have is being a home teacher. As a home teacher I go by myself, with another home teacher or another man in my church to look after families and/or singles I'm assigned to in my church. I haven't always been a good home teacher but I'm improving. Music plays an important role in my faith. Music often helps me to resist temptations, feel the Holy Spirit, be motivated, be at peace, etc. I pray often, even throughout the day. Whether I'm praying out loud or in my mind and heart prayer is very important to me. I often feel forgiveness as my guilt is swept away from repenting of my sins, comfort as I stand in need of being comforted, a gentle burning warmth in my heart and bosom when I pray. I read and study the scriptures, pay my tithing & a generous fast offering, etc. There are other ways I live my faith but I can't write all of them. The biggest indicator to living my faith is the direction I'm going. If I'm climbing up and forward I'm doing good. If I'm climbing down and backwards I need to repent. I live my faith on a day to day basis. I still have some days where I give up and days where I want to give in. But like one convert to Mormonism described, my worst day as a Mormon is 1,000x better than one of my best days before I became a Mormon!

Do Mormons regard the Bible as Holy Scripture and the word of God?

Michael Jacobson
We do! We regard it as scripture, as far as it is translated correctly. Here are some of my favorite scriptures from the Bible: Hebrews 13:8: "Jesus Christ the same yesterday, and to day, and for ever." This scripture gives me hope! If Jesus is perfect and never changes then His promises, words, thoughts and actions never change too. Matthew 16:27: "For the Son of man shall come in the glory of his Father with his angels; and then he shall reward every man according to his works." One way God rewards us for our works is by putting us wherever we will feel the most comfortable and happy for Eternity after our Resurrection and Judgement. Show more Show less

Why are only some Mormons allowed into temples? Is there something secret going on in Mormon Temples? What goes on in Mormon Temples?

Michael Jacobson
Why are only some Mormons allowed into temples? A short answer to this is: most Mormons aren't prepared to go into the Temple and/or willing to do the things that God wants them to do to be able to go into the temple. As an analogy, if the temple and the church were in the college system the church would be in community college and the temple would be the university. Is there something secret going on in Mormon temples? What goes on in Mormon temples? No there is nothing secret going on in Mormon temples. There is however, sacred things going on in the temple. Certain covenants or promises between God and temple going Mormons are made or renewed. Each temple is made and dedicated to be the most sacred place on Earth. Opportunities are given for deceased ancestors to join the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints as temple going Mormons do temple work on their behalf (we don't do things like baptize the ashes or bodies of people that have passed on that would be disrespectful to them, their families, their friends and us). Show more Show less

What are Mormon church services like? Are visitors allowed at church meetings? Can I attend church?

Michael Jacobson
What are Mormon church services like? Mormon church services are commonly reverent, spiritual and religious. During Sacrament Meeting speakers who are assigned to talk are members of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints. Anyone is welcome to have the Sacrament unless he/she has been told by their Bishop that they can't (this consists of members who are committing serious sins). If we're not watching General Conference (a worldwide broadcast where church leaders give us beneficial talks) on the first Sunday in April or October we're having fast and testimony meeting the first Sunday of the other months. It's still considered Sacrament Meeting but instead of speakers most of the meeting is set aside for others (including church members) to share a brief testimony with everyone in the congregation. Are visitors allowed at church meetings? Can I attend church? This is one common misconception I have seen even among most of my family and friends that know that I'm a Mormon. Anyone is welcome to attend church. Not all church buildings are temples, where visitors are allowed but can't go inside unless they're able to do so. There's over 100 temples but there are thousands of our churches dedicated for anyone to come visit and attend church. Show more Show less