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Hi I'm Jim

I'm a husband, a father, a small businessman, a financial advisor. And, I am a Mormon.

About Me

I am married. I live with my wife. I have five children, ages 10-23. I am a financial adviser. What I love most is spending time with my wife and children. One son plays college lacrosse. My youngest plays soccer. We go to a lot of games. I love to ride motorcycles. My wife and I enjoy motorcycle travelling with friends.

Why I am a Mormon

I became a Mormon because it is the faith of my parents. I was raised in the church. But, I am a Mormon today because I have chosen to remain in the church. I cannot look at the world around me without believing that there is a God in Heaven who created it. Our very existence, our very life is a testament to me that there is a God. And, that being true, I must believe that God created the universe, the world, and me for a purpose. And, I believe that a just, fair, and loving God would not create me for a purpose, and then leave me alone to figure it out. I believe that God speaks his mind and his purposes to us. He has done it anciently. And, he does it today. The Mormon doctrines of continuing modern revalation from God to man make plain, logical sense to me. But, I embrace it not just because it makes good sense, but because the spirit tells me that it is true. I am a Mormon because I have learned for myself that Jesus is the Christ, that He has placed his church on the earth, with all of its power, authority, ordinances, and true doctrines. And, that church is the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints, or Mormon Church. Knowing that God's true church is on the earth, and being a member of it, fills me with joy and gives me the faith, spirit, and power I need to live, and work, and meet the daily challenges of life. To be honest, I don't know how I could survive without the strength of the gospel in my life. I don't know how others manage to get along without this gospel. The gospel of Jesus Christ is free to all. It is available to all. I invite everyone and anyone to come and taste of God's goodness as I have tasted it in his true, restored church.

How I live my faith

Being a Mormon is not merely a Sabbath day activity for me. Rather, being a Mormon is who I am. My faith, beliefs, and religion permeate my very being and define who I am, how I think, what I do, and how I act. Being a Mormon means that I pray daily. I study scriptures daily. I attend church meetings on Sunday. I teach 13 year olds in Sunday School class. I do not smoke or drink. I avoid profanity. I do not view movies or other entertainment that debases the soul. These are outward observances that help to keep me focused on who I am. But, living the religion is far deeper than the outward observances. As a Mormon I try to remain constantly connected to my knowledge of who I am. I strive to conduct myself as a literal son of the living God. I strive to feel love and compassion towards all around me. I strive to feel tolerance for the beliefs and choices of others. I strive to treat all others as literal sons and daughters of God. I strive to treat and serve others with respect and kindness. I am not completely successful in living these high ideals every day. But, as a Mormon, I am conscious of these ideals every day and make them my goal. Being a Mormon, and living its teachings does not get in the way of living a very normal life. I am a small businessman. I work as an investment adviser. I manage investment money and counsel clients on strategies to attain their financial goals. After work I return to my home to spend my evenings with my family. We ride motorcycles. As a family we love to go to the lakes for boating and water sports. Our boys play lacrosse, soccer, and basketball. My wife and I enjoy movies. Sundays are for worship, church meetings, and for service to others. Monday nights are reserved for special family time. As I live my ordinary life, dealing with the same ordinary pressures of other husbands, other fathers, other businessmen, or other financial advisors, I seek through prayer to have the constant guide and companionship of the Holy Spirit. I know how God has lifted me in times of trial. I know how the Holy Spirit has guided me in many decisions and choices. As a Mormon, I am taught and I know that God knows me. I know that God is aware of me and that God will guide me and support me in my life. When I have joy and success in my family or in my business, I know it is the gift of God. When I suffer difficulties and trials in life, family, or business, I know I can count on God for support. This knowledge is a huge source of personal strength for me as I strive for success in business, life, and family. I often marvel and wonder how others survive life’s challenges without having the strength of the gospel in their lives. For me, being a Mormon is my source of power and strength in all things. Being a Mormon means that I believe that I am a literal son of God, created in his image. It means that I believe that my wife and I are married to each other, as partners and companions, not just until “death do we part”, but for time and eternity. We believe that the bonds and relationships of our marriage, our children, and our family extend beyond the grave, that we are a family forever. Being a Mormon means that I believe that God created me and placed me on this earth for a purpose, and part of that purpose is to learn and to progress in life. I find great satisfaction and purpose in knowing who I am and why I am here, and what awaits me after death. If being a Mormon were merely a Sabbath day activity, a nice church to attend on Sunday, with a good message and nice songs, before the football games, I would lose interest fast. But, being a Mormon is a lifestyle choice. It is to know God’s plan and purposes for me on earth. Being a Mormon is to live in God’s light.