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Hi I'm Emeric

I'm French. I'm doing research about lasers and microelectronics. I'm a Mormon.

About Me

I'm a scientist, and I like to understand how things work. I like physics a lot and studied micro and nanotechnologies. I'm currently doing a PhD in the South of France, I work on applying laser processes to microelectronics. I grew up in the North-East of France, a very green and hilly place. I have two younger sisters to whom I feel really close. My parents are good musicians, and so I love music, especially classical, irish and eastern european music. I sing in a choir. I also love reading fantasy and science-fiction books. I am tall and quiet, I prefer listening than talking.

Why I am a Mormon

Since my parents were baptised into the Church when I was a baby, I basically grew up being taught about the Gospel of Jesus-Christ, the Book of Mormon, Joseph Smith, and so on. I never doubted about the truth of this Church. Everything was very logical to me, it all made sense. But as I became gradually older, I began to worry more and more about something. I believed what I was being taught, but I gradually started to wonder if I could one day say, as I heard my parents and other people I knew and trusted, that I KNEW that the Church of Jesus-Christ was true, that Joseph Smith was really a prophet called of God. I didn't disbelieve, but surely, I couldn't say that I knew if for sure. So in my late teenage years I started to read the Scriptures more seriously, and to ask to my Heavenly father in my prayers to help me know for sure. I wasn't really sure what I was supposed to expect as an answer, but I kept praying and studying. Time passed. I didn't seem to get any answer. After couple months, I started wondering if something was wrong with me, if I simply couldn't feel the Spirit... And then someday, I don't precisely remember when, it occured to me. I finally understood how God was speaking to me, and I realised my prayers had been answered many times, from long ago. I just realised that each time I was studying the scriptures, each time I heard other members and authorities of the Church share their own testimony, my heart burnt, I was feeling this great peace. This is a feeling difficult to describe, but I know it comes from God, and that this is the way He communicates with us. Why I'm a Mormon? Because I know this is the true Church of Jesus-Christ, restored on the earth by a prophet of God. I don't undestand everything yet. But a wise friend told me one day never to give up things I know because of things I don't understand.

How I live my faith

Being a member of the Church of Jesus-Christ is very time-consuming, but so rewarding for me. First, I can see that being obedient to the commandments of God brings me so many blessings. As a member of the Church of Jesus-Christ, there are certain things we choose not to do, like drinking alkohol, and things we choose to do, like going to Church on Sundays. I strive to live my life in a way pleasing to my Heavenly Father, that's not always easy, but it feels right doing it. For example, praying and studying the scriptures daily, as well as going to Church each week, requires planning and discipline to do it consistently. But it helps me so much not to get mad at others when I'm tired, or not to be overwhelmed when I have a problem. The Church of Jesus-Christ of latter day saints working without a paid clergy, everybody gets many opportunities to help. All that are willing receive what are called callings, which means precise responsabilities. In my life, I've been asked to teach young people from 14 to 18 year-old, to be a clerk, a secretary, to be responsible for the temporal and spiritual welfare of some brothers and sisters in the ward... I have also chosen to interrupt my studies for 2 years to serve as a volunteer missionary. I was called to go in the West Indies and help the people there to know more about Jesus-Christ, His plan for us and His Church. This was a very rewarding experience, and I was blessed to see so many people change their lives for better. I feel, as I fulfill my responsabilities in the Church, that I'm becoming a better person. For example, when I'm asked to teach a lesson during a Sunday class, I have to prepare and study well, which makes me understand my Father in Heaven better.