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Hi I'm Nathan

I love sports, games, music, and movies. I'm a seeker of knowledge. And I'm a Mormon.

About Me

Currently I am serving two years in the California Fresno Mission. It has already been a great learning and growing experience, mainly due to the fact that I am serving other people all day long. I love to help others and do my best to think of other people and how I can best help them given their current situations. I love playing sports, soccer and basketball being my favorites, but I find enjoyment in all sports. Music is something I also find enjoyment in, even though I cannot play too many instruments. Movies and video games are two other hobbies that I love. When it comes to music, games, and movies, I try to listen or watch or play those that the creators put emotion and effort into what they made so I can feel that same emotion when I use their creations. I believe that there is a productive interest and hobby for anyone, no matter their circumstance. Learning about the world and how it works and its history is very fascinating to me. Many times I have spent literally hours browsing and researching random ideas that pop into my head. There is so much to learn about us, the universe, and our purpose here, and it is all available at our fingertips. Humanity has accomplished a lot and we should all look back and see what we have done and learn from both the good and the bad in our past. 

Why I am a Mormon

 I was born and raised a member of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints. Baptized at eight, ordained at 12, went on temple trips, became leaders of quorums, etc. I have a grandmother who worked at the church's headquarters in Salt Lake, a great-grandfather who was President of the Salt Lake Temple and later an Apostle, and ancestors on both my mom's and dad's side who were strong pioneers. One wrote the lyrics to a hymn that is now found in the church's hymnbook. Like so many other fellow Latter-Day Saints, some of my ancestors learned about the Gospel in Europe and traveled thousands of miles over land and sea to gather with the rest of the Saints in America. Most gave up jobs, friends, and properties that had been in their family for generations. They gave almost all they had when they joined the church but they did it willingly of their own free will because they felt Spirit testify to them the truthfullness of the restored Gospel. Nevertheless, other people, even your own family, cannot tell you what to believe. In the end one has to come to a knowledge for themselves of the truth. That's what I did.  Despite being raised in the church, during my teenage years I let my testimony wither away. I even purposely pulled some of the roots out. When I turned 19 I did not want to serve a mission. I did not have a testimony and wanted to rather focus my efforts elsewhere, such as finishing college and getting a career as soon as possible. Fundamentals such as reading the scriptures daily and praying were not part of my life as they used to be when I was younger. Every time someone mentioned a mission to me, I would ignore them and tell myself, "I know what is best for me." I thought that I didn't need to spend my time and my hard-earned money on a two year endeavor that would postpone my college diploma and ultimately a job. Besides, there were other missionaries who have much stronger testimonies and are comfortable sharing the Gospel anyway. After a few years of college, I did not like the direction that I was heading I knew that if I continued down the path I was heading, I would wind up alone. Finally it clicked that the reason my Bishop, parents, siblings, and extended family all wanted me to go on a mission not because it was expected of me, but because they loved me and knew that I had the capacity to change people's lives, including my own. I had heard them mention that many times previously, but before I didn't care. Now however I realized that in order to achieve my potential, I needed to do what the Lord knows what is best for me. That includes serving a full-time mission. So I started putting my trust in the Lord again and began resuming things that I knew would help me, such as studying the scriptures, saying my prayers, and becoming fully active in church and church activities. Over time I began to feel the spirit once again in my life and my seed of belief grew. As I am writing this I am on my mission helping others nourish their seeds of faith so they may become all the Lord plans for them to be. The Atomement is real, powerful, and has the capacity to change lives. I know this because I've seen and heard it happen to other people and have experienced the effects of tuning your life to the Savior. I am a Mormon because I know that this is his church once again back on the Earth in its complete fullness. I know I am a literal child of God, who is our eternal loving and glorious father of all of our spirits. Anyone who wishes to truly know for themselves whether this is Christ's church should read the scriptures and listen to the testimonies of the members. Just have a desire to believe and let the Spirit do the rest.

How I live my faith

The church is pretty well known for having members that have high moral values and standards and a lot of "rules" which are actually commandments that God himself has given us. Growing up I lived according to what I was taught pretty easily my friends knew I was a Mormon so they knew I did and didn't do certain things. I was raised that way, so I thought it was pretty easy to live and keep the commandments. It didn't really dawn on me as to why anyone would live otherwise when they knew that it would only bring them unhappiness in the end. Eventually I realized why so many people chose to live contrary to the commandments. Often it is simply because they are brought up without the commandments and standards in their lives and they don't know of any other way to live. In addition, however it is because they live in the moment they cloud their visions and live only for temporary pleasure and don't think too much about the long-term consequences that can and will result from their actions. They are under the Devil's clever illussion that life is always miserable and they can only turn away from that misery temporarily through various worldly outlets. Also he has portrayed that many of God's commandments are simply outdated prudish rules and do not pertain to us anymore. Under this guise he has and will continue to pry away at society. Because I am living firsthand the commandments and "rules" that the church goes by, I know that life is not miserable. This life is a wonderful journey and I know that if we live by the commandments we can have everlasting Joy that will not fade away if we remain true and faithful. There is really for sure a Plan in place for us and we all can reap the fruits of that plan through the restored Chruch of Jesus Christ. There is nothing more satisfying than seeing one turn their lives over to the Savior and see the effects it has on them. We as Latter-Day Saints share this Gospel so that others can have that same Joy that we experiece.