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Hi I'm Cristina

I'm a lifelong student. I'm a loyal friend. I'm a Mormon.

About Me

I am a university graduate, with a Bachelors of Science in Psychology. I hope to one day earn a PhD in Psychology or related field and come back and teach what I have learned, as well as to continue to learn through research. I love learning through everything around me, looking for miracles and for eternal truths in the world around me. I have also been dancing and involved with music since I was really young. I have been classically trained in ballet, jazz, modern/contemporary, and most recently Latin and Ballroom styles. I have loved it all. I also play a couple instruments, though none truly proficient. I've always been interested in many things and it was hard for me to excel in any one thing. I love learning and understanding why I do what I do, and what motivates and inspires those around me as well. I love sharing what I have learned with others and hope to make that a lifelong habit. I still have a long way to go, but as long as I keep moving forward, however slowly, I know I can one day become perfected in my Savior. Feel free to contact me here or on my blog, with any questions. I may not know everything, but I can certainly give you what I know and help you in your quest to find truth.

Why I am a Mormon

If I wasn't a Mormon, I wouldn't be me. That sounds cliche, but I was thinking and it hit me that if I stopped believing in this church, my relationship with God would disappear, and I would despair. I find that the repeated renewed strength that I get from the Gospel has converted my mind. I like to think of it as building blocks, or a foundation. A solitary experience is not enough to pass through the storms of life unharmed. However, with my ever-growing testimony I am able to withstand these storms and hard times, and come off victorious. I love to look at the implications of beliefs, assertions, and biases. The more I learn about His Church, the more I am converted each day. Give it an honest study, trust in God to lead you to eternal Truth, The Spirit bears witness to me everyday, through the weather, through getting a good parking spot when I've had a bad day and I just want something to go right, to someone smiling or listening to me. He testifies of the truthfulness in powerful ways, through my favorite things, music and the spoken word. It always amazes me how I can hear just what I needed to hear, in order to keep me moving forward and not giving in to the temptation of self pity or laziness. This is a worldwide church, yet I know it is focused on "the one." Each person is a child of our Loving Heavenly Father, who testifies to me each day of His love and care for me and for His children. That's why I am a Mormon.

How I live my faith

My faith has become an integral part of who I am. I pray almost constantly. I've prayed over parking spots, test questions, but most often I pray for peace and strength in this confusing world. It is so easy to become lost and to give up fighting for what matters most, but I know that God is faithful, and with His help, we can do all things. My life is far from perfect, but one way I live my faith is by trusting His plan for me. It always seems to work out much better than if I had planned it. Lately, I've been working on remembering Him faster. I forget far too often, and it is through remembering Him, that I trust Him, find peace and direction, and strength to move forward. I go to church services once a week and do all I can to study throughout the week to help me understand more about the scriptures. I study on my own, ask questions, and pray often. I seek to make it a part of my character, not just what I do out of tradition. I try to participate each week and get to know the people in my congregation. I find it is easier to serve and love those around me if I know who they are and pay attention to their needs. I live my faith by always striving to do what I feel is right, by consulting with those who have more experience and foresight than I do, and by praying for peace and comfort.

What are some things that tell you there is a God?

Everything. Cliche? Yes, but that doesn't make it any less true. The more I learn, the more I see God's hand. The more I seek to understand, the more I see Christ. One thing I love to look at is sunsets. Especially on a beach, but I don't live close enough right now, so I just imagine. By taking a moment, I remember how much He loves me, to bring me joy even in small things like colorful sunsets. I also love logic and truth. My heart yearns to know what is real and what is true. When I remember God, I feel it is true and my heart is at peace. When I learn about His creations, His organization of life and of His church, I see truth, and I know He is there. Look around you, we are not alone, we have a grand purpose. Not only is God real, He is all powerful, all knowing, eternal, and perfectly loving and benevolent. Show more Show less