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Hi I'm Nathan Palmer

I love living in Spokane Washington, I'm a Sports lover,I LOVE GONZAGA Basketball and i love to read books.

About Me

I am 21 years old and i love sports. I grew up wrestling and playing football. In my sophomore year of high school i started playing soccer. About august of 2009 i started playing volleyball every week.I grew to love it. I have 4 brothers and 1 sister and 2 amazing parents. I want to be a football coach when i get back from my mission. I also want to coach many other sports such as volleyball, soccer, and wrestling. I also love hunting, camping, any water sport, video games and reading books.

Why I am a Mormon

Well i grew up in the faith but never really new why, until about May of 2010. I new being a Mormon was a great way to live but i never found out it was true until i really searched and prayed. I know that i got an answer and i Know this church is true. I know that heavenly father loves me cause Ive felt for my self the true power of repentance and Jesus Christ love for me. When i switched my life around i felt the greatest peace that Ive ever felt in my life. When i felt it i was having the worst day of my life, i was depressed and unhappy. when i decided to truly repent, it was like a light switch had suddenly turned on. i felt so much love from my heavenly father and no more desire to do the thing i had previously done. I feel happier and i feel like I'm living the way god wants me to live.

How I live my faith

When i read the Book of Mormon and bible everyday i feel so much happier in the day. Your true countince shines and the day seams to be easier and less stressful. Praying for things you love and people you love makes prayer so much more personal when your talking to your father in heaven. I love this gospel and trying to live as Jesus did makes my life, a life i WANT to live. I love to attend church as well. Its very important to partake of the sacrament. That is where you eat and drink of the bread and water (wine). When you eat of those things you renew the promise to god that you will keep the commandments. so in essence you are getting baptized again. I want to be clean and pure so that is why i go to church.

Why do Mormon missionaries proselyte?

Nathan Palmer
As a missonary my self, i love to share the knowlege and power of the restored gospel. Helping people come to find out that the real, true church of christ is on the earth is what life is all about. life is very hard when you dont know what is true or right. i know because i didn't know if this church was true, UNTIL i prayed and asked god. Thats what we do as missionarys, is ask people to pray to know if this church is true. Show more Show less

How can we increase our faith in Jesus Christ?

Nathan Palmer
The way i feel is the best was to increase your faith in Jesus Christ is by doing the basics. What i think the basics are: 1. Pray alone and with a sincere heart, talk to god about EVERYTHING. 2. Read your scriptures alone, the Bible, Book of Mormon, and other holy words of god. Why? Because when you do it alone you can dive in with no distractions. 3. Pray as a family, Why? Duh you come closer to your father in heaven and your family. 4. Read your scriptures as a family! 5. Chose one day out of every week to study the teachings of Jesus Christ with your family. If you do these five things you WILL grow closer to Jesus Chirst and your family!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Show more Show less

Why do Mormons baptize their new members?

Nathan Palmer
Baptism is not just to enter into a church. It has a high amount of weight to it. Baptism is a promise to god that you will always remember him, take upon the name of jesus christ and keep the commandments FOREVER. The sweetest part about the promise you make at baptism, is the fact that god promises you something in return. You can have all the bad things you've done (sins) washed away. God will no longer remember the sins you committed. But you have to be totally repentant for your sins to be washed away. Then, god will give you one of the greatest gifts on earth. The Holy Ghost!!!!!! You can have the 3rd member of the Godhead with you at all times if you are worthy. Wouldnt it be worth it!!!! Show more Show less