Corynn: Dancer, Missionary, Lora Corynn, Singer, Las Vegas, Sister, Mormon.

Hi I'm Corynn

About Me

I was raised in Olympia, Washington as the oldest of 6 kids. From a young age I have loved to organize things, dance, sing, spend time with family and be outdoors. I was born into the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints and learned the doctrine from a young age. I love to share my faith with others and see the change it makes in their lives. My favorite hobbies are singing and dancing. I have danced on my high school and collegiate competitive teams and fell in love with performing. In the last few years I have developed my singing voice through being in choirs and taking private voice lessons. I love life and I'm happy to be me!

Why I am a Mormon

Being born in the church was such a great blessing, and prepared me for my journey of conversion. Although I was taught good morals and doctrine from a young age, I often wondered why there were so many churches with differing messages. I wanted to know for myself which of these churches was God's church. I began to study it out and pray to my Heavenly Father about what to do. Here I learned that sometimes answers do not come when you want or expect. After much prayer and searching I received my answer. I was sitting in church one day listening to the speaker speak about the restored gospel of Jesus Christ. The next moments were some that I will never forget. For no particular reason my heart started pounding and I got goosebumps all over. I soon recognized that I was getting my answer by the power of the Holy Ghost. Though small and simple, this experience I had is one that changed my life forever. From that moment on, my testimony and conversion has grown and is ever growing. I am so thankful for that experience and the ones that have come afterward.

Personal Stories

Why/How do you share the gospel with your friends?

I share the gospel with my family and friends because there is nothing that has brings me greater joy. I have tested the gospel out for myself and I have received an undeniable witness that this church is true. Not only is it true, the Church is the only true church on the face of the earth. Yes, that is a very bold claim, considering the many churches in the world, however, this is something that all people can find out for themselves. As a member of the church I invite you to do so. I share the gospel with my friends and family by sharing my testimony, giving them a copy of the Book of Mormon, and living my faith. I love sharing the gospel with others. I have never been happier than when I have seen my loved ones change their lives and come closer to Christ. I know this gospel is true and I want everyone to know what I know.

Why do Mormons go on missions?

Mormons go on missions to share the message of the Atonement of Jesus Christ and his restored gospel. We believe and know that after the death of Christ and his apostles, the authority of God was no longer on the earth. Although the people living during this time desired spiritual guidance, the efforts of the reformation did not bring the world back to the way Christ set up his church. The reformation is a wonderful period of time that prepared the way for the much needed restoration of God's authority and organization of Christ's church. Now with that restored authority we are able to have restored truths from out Savior Jesus Christ. This message brings hope, peace and lasting joy in this life. Though we face struggles, we have the tools to move forward, be happy and become like our God and our Savior. I desire for all to know of this gospel, that is why I am serving a mission.

How has the Book of Mormon brought you closer to God?

Like the Bible, the Book of Mormon is another witness that Jesus is the Christ. I have read the Book of Mormon several times, and this time I had a specific goal in mind. I decided to highlight every time the Book of Mormon mentioned our Savior Jesus Christ. Recently I completed my goal and was overwhelmed by looking back at all of the markings made. Through this experience, I felt the Spirit of the Lord testifying to me that the Book of Mormon is the Word of God. I am so thankful for the knowledge I have that Jesus is the Christ, he loves us and he wants us to know the way to return to him and our Father in Heaven. I know that through reading and applying the words from the Book of Mormon, we can come closer to God than by any other book. Reading the Book of Mormon is an act of faith. However, I know that those who ask God in prayer, with a sincere heart, real intent, having faith in Christ, will feel the power of the Holy Ghost testify to their hearts that the Book of Mormon is true.

Please share your feelings/testimony of the Restoration of the Gospel.

There is no longer a need for the confusion in the world. We have a loving Heavenly Father who has a plan for us. Jesus is the Christ and we can be clean through his Atoning sacrifice. The fullness of Christ's gospel and precious truths that have been lost overtime have now been restored back to the earth. We know this because of an experience of a boy... A 14 year old boy was prepared from the beginning to ask Father in Heaven the questions of our souls. Where do we come from? Why are we here? What happens after we die? What church should I join? The boy Joseph Smith decided to follow the counsel of James 1:5 by going and asking God the answer to these questions. The answer he received was an event that has changed everthing for our day. God the Father and our Savior Jesus Christ appeared to the boy Joseph Smith in a grove of trees behind his house. He was told to join none of the churches because none had the authority to act in God's name, and none had the fullness of his everlasting gospel. Now the time was right when Christ's church would be restored in its fullness to the earth through the Prophet Joseph Smith. From this event came the Book of Mormon, evidence of this event we can hold in our hands. However, no one can know if this is true without prayer, scripture study and coming to Christ's church. I have been through this process and I know for myself that the Book of Mormon is a true book, that Jospeh Smith is a prophet of God, that we have a modern day prophet on the earth that receives direct revelation from our God, and finally that the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints is the Lord's kingdom on the earth. This knowledge has blessed my life and so many others. This is true and I cannot deny it. God wants us all to come to know the truth for ourselves. As a result, that truth is something no one can take away. Jesus is the Christ!

In what ways have your prayers been answered?

My prayers have been answered in many different ways! Since all of us are different, we will recognize answers to our prayers differently. Our prayers can and will be answered through the Holy Ghost if we put forth our effort to show God we are ready. The Spirit speaks to me by giving me a peaceful, calming feeling. Other times, when the Lord wants me to learn from an experience, I get goosebumps. Also I have had experiences where I have a thought enter into my mind or feelings in my heart of the things that I should do. Rarely do we receive a big answer like we expect. That makes it all the more important to be sensative to what the Lord is trying to tell us in our everyday lives.

How I live my faith

I live my faith by reading my scriptures, saying my prayers, looking for opportunities to serve others, and apply the things that I learn at church. I am currently serving a mission in Las Vegas, Nevada. This experience I am having during this 18 months will forever be among my fondest of memories. As a missionary I spent all my time, studying, teaching, and doing my best to serve others. Through that time I have seen Christ's love and sacrifice bring about miracles in people's lives. Since I have applied the gospel of Jesus Christ in my life and put it to the test, I have been happier, healthier and eager to share it with others.