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Hi I'm Aubs.

I love my life, I live to complete my bucket list, I'm a cosmetologist, I have clinical anxiety & depression, & I'm a Mormon.

About Me

My name is Aubree but lots of people just call me Aubs. I was practically born and raised in Kaysville (same house and everything) for the first 21 years of my life. I am the oldest of five-- two boys, three girls-- and am extremely close friends with them. I graduated Davis High School (the one with a dart as a mascot) and as a Junior there received a scholarship from the Davis Applied Technology College (DATC) for Cosmetology. I graduated 2,000 hours later, receiving a 3rd place in State SkillsUSA, and went on to work in a salon. I was at Hair Play for a year and a half when I up-and-left my clients to go serve a mission. Getting ready to go was rough. As I completed my final physical in December 2009, I was diagnosed with clinical anxiety and depression from genetics and traumatic events. Because of this, I had to post-pone my mission six months to become stable enough to go. After months of counseling, medication adjustments, and lots of experience, I finally left July 28, 2010. Having to be patient with myself, the Lord, and His timing, I learned many lessons and underwent many changes that not only prepared me for my mission, but prepared me for my life. I have learned how to work with my body's weaknesses and transform them into my strengths. Looking to my Savior and His suffering has helped me to receive the healing I couldn't get from the counseling and the medication alone. I can say that I am a truly happy person and that the life I have is amazing.

Why I am a Mormon

The first reason would have to be because I know Jesus Christ to be my Savior. Though I grew up in the Church with the beliefs I had, I would't know of their truth until the time they were tested. Everyone reaches a point when they need to find out for themselves and, for me, that would come later when I was on my mission. Talking to a lot of people with a lot of questions made me think. I realized I needed to better apply the things I was teaching to others and ask God what was right. I put my own opinion aside and started writing Him letters to get know Him personally. I told Him I wanted what was best and that I was willing to join any church He said was His. I studied and prayed on this and after two weeks of listening intently, realized I had received my answer. He didn't talk to me in a dream or some big, booming voice, but in small and simple things that stuck out to me. I made lists of these things. It could've come from a sentence by a friend, lyrics from a song, or a billboard on the street, but in all cases I knew it was there for ME. I can now say with all my soul that I know that the Church is exactly what it says it is-- the original one set up and led by Jesus Christ to redeem His people. It is the ONLY ONE to contain the power and authority given to the disciples in olden times and, as fulfilled by prophecy, was lost for a time and restored to its fulness again on the earth. If anyone cares to know for themselves, my advice to them would be this-- just ask.

How I live my faith

I live my faith by living my life. I include the Lord in everything I do and came up with my bucket list in order to show my love for Him. My list includes all of the goals and experiences I have had, or wish to have, and helps to inspire me and make things happen. There are over 200 items in it and it grows constantly. Heavenly Father helps me know what to do and how to accomplish it. Some examples are as follows (complete and incomplete): Serve a full-time, volunteer, 18-month mission Learn to speak Spanish fluently Do work in all LDS Utah temples Get a degree in Psychology Do a humanitarian service project in Mexico Eat menudo (boiled cow stomach lining in a soup) Volunteer at a homeless shelter Learn how to play the guitar, piano, flute, ukelele, viola, cello, and to sing Sing in in the Mormon Tabernacle Choir seats at the Conference Center in Salt Lake Design and make a modest dress for prom Be an Especially For Youth (EFY) counselor Doorbell-ditch groceries to someone who needs it Work at a care center/rest home Crochet bandages for lepers in third-world countries Turn an enemy into a friend Become an educator of depression and other mental illnesses Work with troubled teens Hold a tarantula Learn how to do family history work Take part in changing someone's life Paint a masterpiece Discover the person I want to be Start a habit of writing letters to Heavenly Father everyday Learn what it means to access the Atonement and the comfort I can receive Read the entire Bible

What is the Book of Mormon?

The Book of Mormon is like the Bible, but not. The prophets in Jerusalem wrote the books in the Bible and the prophets in the Americas wrote the books in the Book of Mormon. IT WAS NOT WRITTEN BY JOSEPH SMITH. Since they didn't have things like phones, the internet, or the news to say, "Hey, what's the prophet sayin' today," there were prophets in different parts of the world. God loves all of His children and provides for them, which is the reason Christ stated to His disciples, "Other sheep I have which are not of this fold." Show more Show less