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Hi I'm Preston Whitlock

I am a college student from California, and I'm a Mormon.

About Me

I am currently serving as a missionary for the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints in the Wisconsin Milwaukee Mission. I am originally from CA and I have lived in Arizona, Michigan, and Virginia as well as California. I am planning on going to school at the end of my mission and getting into sports broadcasting. I am a big fan of sports and I love listening to music. I love being on my mission and living the lifestyle of a missionary. I am excited to see what the rest of my life brings.

Why I am a Mormon

Up until I was about 16 I was a Mormon because my parents were. We went to church every Sunday, read scriptures together, and just lived the lifestyle of a Mormon. Just like most other people raised in the church, I needed to find out for myself if this was really something I wanted to continue living for the rest of my life. When I was 16 the prophet at the time, President Gordon B. Hinckley, issued a challenge to the church to read the entire Book of Mormon in one year. My parents invited me to take the challenge and I accepted. I don't think it was any coincidence that at the same time I was taking that challenge was the same time my family was going through some problems. The Book of Mormon was my getaway from the problems. I found relaxation within its pages and the stress would just melt away. I guess in summary, I am a Mormon because I dont want to live my life any other way and the Spirit has testified to me MANY times that this is the true church of Jesus Christ on the earth

How I live my faith

At the current time I am living my faith by serving as a missionary for the Church. However, my missionary service is over in 1 month and I am thrust right back into the real world again and I have to find out how to live my faith in a scary world. After my mission I plan on living my faith the same way I have on my mission. I plan to continue studying from the Book of Mormon, saying my prayers every night, trying to lead by example to those around me, and just being as Christlike as I can at all times. Living my faith as a Mormon right now is easy as a missionary, but living it back home is what the real test will be.

What are Mormon Temples used for?

Preston Whitlock
Many people look at Mormon Temples as big, beautiful buildings that the Mormons use and they do secret things there that no one is allowed to know. As I have heard it put many times, the things we do in the temple are "sacred", not "secret". Essentially, temples are used to perform ordinances and make covenants with Heavenly Father. One of the ordinances performed in the temple is the sealing of a man and a woman. Our church believes that families can be together forever and that marriage does not end after this life. Marriage is an eternal principle and we treat it as such. In the temple we have the opportunity to be sealed to our spouse for time and all eternity. There is no other church that makes that claim. I know that I personally am excited and comforted by the fact that I can take a daughter of God to be sealed to me in the temple for time and all eternity and that our children will be sealed to us and we can be a family forever. Show more Show less

What is the Word of Wisdom that Mormons talk about?

Preston Whitlock
The Word of Wisdom is something that was revealed to the prophet Joseph Smith in the year 1833 regarding things that should and should not be put into our bodies. Just as it says in 1 Corinthians, our bodies are temples and we treat them as such. In this revelation known as the Word of Wisdom, Heavenly Father revealed to Joseph Smith some things that should not be put into the body. Those things are alcohol, illegal drugs, tobacco, and hot drinks such as coffee and tea. Heavenly Father did advise us on some things that we should be putting into our bodies. He said grains, fruits, and vegetables are good for us and we should eat them often. Tobacco causes lung cancer and other diseases. Alcohol can lead to liver cancer and many other diseases as well. Illegal drugs can literally overtake your life and control you. The way I like to put it is that we do not put anything into our bodies that we can become addicted to. Tobacco, alcohol, and illegal drugs are addictions for many people around the world. Even if you think about coffee, many people feel that they cannot leave the house and function throughout the day without their morning cup of coffee. To me, the Word of Wisdom just makes sense. Show more Show less