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Hi I'm Eddie Holloway

I am an African American, On a Mission Speaking Hmong. I'm a Mormon.

About Me

I am currently serving in the California, Fresno Mission speaking the Hmong language. I was born in Indiana, grew up in Utah, and now living in Florida. I am the oldest of 5 with 3 younger sisters and a little brother. I love my family and they are the most important people I have on Earth. I love spending time with them. I love playing sports. (Football, Basketball, and Baseball are my favorites). Out of all these things I love however, nothing can top the love I have for my Heavenly Father and Savior Jesus Christ.

Why I am a Mormon

Why am I a Mormon? It’s easy…. Because it is true! I continually ask myself if it is though, because at the moment that I become satisfied with why I am a Mormon is the time when I will drift away. It has happened in the past. So I make sure that my confidence in the truth of it is always fresh. It also just feels good inside my heart and makes sense in my head. That is the Quick and Easy version. The longer version is below. It is very long though I will warn you but it is my conversion story... My Conversion Story I was born into the church meaning that most of my family was members and so I knew about the church from an early age. Growing up in the church was difficult for me because I grew up in some difficult situations. The biggest one being my parents divorcing when I was little, and me being the oldest I inherited the title of Man of the house at a very young age. To me church really wasn’t much of a priority and I didn’t care for it too much because to me I felt it was boring and had no desire to go when I was younger. Most of my family didn’t want to go as well which made it really easy to skip out. Whenever I did go though I always felt good, but once I would get home I would forget the feelings I had felt with all the things going on at home. In my life I have done many dumb things and have paid the consequences from those mistakes but since my early teens I was able to see the power of the Atonement Jesus Christ’s Sacrifice Him dying for us and paying for our mistakes in my life, and that Jesus Christ is my Greatest Friend and is Always there for me. I still to this day remember when I first experienced the cleansing effect it has on those that repent say we are sorry and change our hearts and lives. I hadn’t been going to church, was just doing my own thing. It took me a while to realize what I was doing, but when I did I desired to change and I worked on it. I remember praying and asking for help and forgiveness and I felt the warmest feeling of love and happiness burn within me. I just started crying because the warmth and happiness was SO strong and I hadn’t felt that for a long time. I knew then that I had been forgiven and I was able to change over night. For the next couple years I did really well I began going back to church and doing the things I knew were important like reading the scriptures and saying my prayers. Things began to work out and life was going really well. I think about it though and even up to that point in my life I didn’t have knowledge that the church was true. I did know that Jesus did die for me and He knew me. I also knew what repentance was and that’s what I held on to because those feelings I felt could not be denied and I knew they came from doing the things that I was taught in the church. That lack of knowledge that the church was true was a key thing that led to me falling back into doing dumb things again. I realize that I was satisified with my answer for being a mormon. A couple years went by and I had forgotten the feelings I had felt and with that came my desire to keep on going to church and doing the things I needed to. I didn't end up falling right back into doing dumb things again but when you aren't doing good you are slowing getting worse and that is what ended up happening to me. I didn't see it coming becasue it was very slowly. It just began not doing the things like reading or praying and hanging out with and dating the wrong people. With all those things I ended up falling back into the dumb things that I had done when I was younger. Once again I had to go through the same type of thing to get out of it. I had to first realize it and then go and apologize to Heavenly Father through prayer and all of that. I know that we have a merciful God in Heaven, and that He is our Heavenly Father because He has been SO merciful to me and SO loving that words cannot describe it. He found it in His heart to once again forgive me of the wrong I had done and allowed me to feel those same feelings that I had felt when I had first messed up and changed my ways. I remember those feelings just as well as I remembered the first time I had repented, but the second time it was even greater because it sparked my remembrance of the first time I had felt those feelings. I was so overcome with happiness, love, and thanksgiving to my Heavenly Father that I cried more than I had in a long time with thank to Him for finding it in His heart to forgive me. I changed again but it wasn’t as drastic this time. It was a good change though and I was able to really get things back in order. At this time in my life I was starting my freshman year of college. I would go to church occasionally because I didn’t feel that church was a very important thing and I was too good to go to church. Many of my friends began to start thinking about going on a mission serving 2 years teaching about the church to others in a different area and I was considering it. Growing up in the church everyone says that going on a mission is a great experience and want everyone to go when they turn 19, so I had it in my head at a young age that I would go on a mission. As I got older though I began thinking otherwise, “Two years” I though. “You can get SO much done and progress your life in two years.” I battled with that thought for a couple months and couldn’t decide on whether I should go or not. I couldn’t figure it out. I didn’t pray to much about it because I knew that I was suppose to but I needed a better answer than that. I was talking with a friend of mine one day and he said exactly what it was that I needed to hear to make my decision. He said, “When you go on a mission, Heavenly Father watches over your family. While you help Him and those He loves, He will watch over and help those that you love.” I knew what I needed to do in that instant and I began preparing for a mission. Or at least I tried to prepare…. Preparation for a mission was something I had no idea what to do. I remember getting my mission call a letter that tells you where you are going. I had always hoped to go to Africa because it always fascinated me, I got called to Fresno California. I always wanted to speak a language as well. I got that wish. I was called to speak Hmong. I had NO IDEA what Hmong was! So to be honest I was a little bummed about where I was going to go which kind of dimmed my desire. I knew that that was where I was going to go whether I liked it or not so I accepted it. I still didn’t start going back to church, because there was so much going on Sundays. I’d go every now and again but that is pretty much all I would do. I began praying every night and reading my scriptures everyday but as time got closer I became busier and wouldn’t read as often. I was doing all that I could to spend as much time with my family as I could and that topped everything else. The time finally came however, and I began my mission…. I sometimes think that a person must go to hell to experience what heaven is like and that is what I did in my mission. It was such a shock to me when I began because I had no idea what I was getting myself into since I hadn’t prepared very well, and you just jump right into being a missionary and you have to sacrifice so much. I wasn’t ready for that so the MTC missionary training center a “school” where missionaries are taught how to teach and how to speak the language was a VERY difficult thing for me. I was able to really see the power of prayer and scripture reading. I prayed more in those first couple weeks I was there for 11 weeks than I ever had in my life! I was homesick and torn inside and I felt the love of Heavenly Father and Jesus Christ heal me as I went though this difficult journey I was beginning. I read the Book of Mormon in a couple weeks and was able to feel the power behind it and realize what an amazing book it was. Most importantly though I was able to gain a testimony a knowledge of things YOU know for yourself to be true of this gospel and church. It was something that I had been needing badly! It proved to me that Heavenly Father knows us because I know that He prepared the way for me to be put in those situations so that I would have to be humbled and turn to Him and the gospel that He has for me. I don’t know how it came to me but it just felt right and burned inside of me like when I had repented. It also made sense in my head. I would think about it and nothing would go against it. I had finally realized what I had needed to know! This church was TRUE! I had found it and I couldn’t be any more thankful. I wish I could say that that was the end of my journey but it wasn’t. I think that if there is anyway that we are going to grow we have to be pushed to our capacity and right before we explode we are relieved just like blowing up a balloon. As I continued my mission and came out here to California I had many more obstacles to overcome. I had missionaries that drove me crazy and I didn’t get along with that I had to work with. I dealt with people that pushed my buttons. And the most difficult thing was that I was homesick and things weren’t going good at home. And this really made question the promise as to why I was on my mission. I remember the time when things had reached the breaking point. I was so sick and tired of the troubles I had been going through and I just wanted to go home and help my family because they were struggling and I was talking to my mission president the leader over us missionaries with tears streaming down my eyes just wanting this to end. He was able to counsel me and help me to give it just a little longer and the time would come when things would begin to ease up. It took a little bit longer but things began to ease up like my mission president had said, and the sun began to shine in my life again. it took some work though. I prayed more than I ever had and I turned to the scriptures for help and I was able to recieve the help I needed. It just proved to me that Heavenly Father does allow things to get hard in life so that we can grow and become what He wants us to be and knows we can become. Since that time in my mission I have been able to come LOVE my mission! Have things always been easy? No there have been SO many difficult things I have had to get over but I know where I need to go for help and He always helps me out. It has been the greatest experience of my life becasue I have been able to Learn that I really do have a Heavenly Father and that He does love me and is always watching out for me, I have a Savior that did die for me and knows all the troubles I have gone through and will go through, and that this church is true and that I have been apart of it this whole time. I learned all these things through the amazing experiences that I have had that are to numerous to count. It just shows how merciful our perfect Heavenly Father is to a imperfect person like myself. So going back to the question as to why I'm a mormon... It is becasue I have been able to find out firsthand that this church is true through the troubles and trials I have had to face, the love Heavenly Father has shown to me during those hard times, and the amazing experiences and feelings that I have been able to witness and feel as part of this church and gospel. I still ask myself why but I am always referred back to the experiences and a warm feeling comes over me telling me that this is it. 

How I live my faith

I live my faith in many ways. Two big ways have been: First: Just having a good time and enjoying life. This life is a time to have some fun. There are two types of fun though, the good and the bad and we need to do the good becasue the bad fun has trouble written all over it! People think that mormons have rules that restrict them but they are things to help us avoid the bad fun that leads to trouble and find that good fun which is a BLAST and you don't have to worry about anything except having a good time. So that's one way I live my faith. By having a BLAST in this life! Second: I live my faith by giving my all to God, my Heavenly Father, and my Savior, Jesus Christ. I only recently started doing this. Just a couple years ago I wasn’t living my faith. I wasn’t doing the things I was suppose to but I decided to give this faith a shot and go on a mission and it has changed my life, and I know what it really means to live my faith. It is not easy. I cannot lie and say that it is not. It requires a lot of sacrifice and as a missionary you sacrifice 2 years of your life. It has been the hardest thing I have had to do but what comes out of it is worth every second. I have devoted all my time to preaching about the Gospel and helping others see what Heavenly Father and Jesus Christ have done, are doing, and can do for them. I know of the power of sacrafice and that when we sacrafice things for Heavenly Father He WILL always make it up to us and even more. That's another way I live my faith. I give it my all for Heavenly Father and Jesus Christ who have done more for me than I can ever imagine.

Why is authority to perform a baptism important?

Eddie Holloway
The authority is important because it is needed to keep things running smoothly. I like to look at this question from a football perspective Since I LOVE football... In the game of football you have the Referees, sometimes called Refs, Officials, Zebras, etc. They are the men on the field that keep things going and under control. When something gets out of hand they are able to stop the game and get things back on track. Their job is to pretty much run things and allow everyone to play and make it fair. Why are they the only ones that can do this? Because they are the one’s that hold the permission/authority to run the game. They are the ones that are chosen and have been seen as men that are going to do a good job, not use the authority in a wrong way, and make sure things are under control. Without them it would be crazy. Why? Because then anyone could do whatever they felt like and it would be insane and out of control. Now what if a random spectator decided to go and run onto the field and started blowing a whistle telling the players what to do and that they could do this or that? Would anyone listen to him? No! Because he is just a random person and doesn’t have the authority to tell everyone what to do and referee the game, people would just look at him, laugh and continue doing what they were doing. So it would still be insane and chaos. This is why the authority is important for baptism and all the things that deal with God so that things are in order and so that they don’t become crazy and chaotic. It needs to be done by someone who has the “permission”/authority to do so. They are the ones that have been chosen that have been seen as men that are going to do a good job, not use the authority in a wrong way, and make sure things stay under control.   Show more Show less