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Hi I'm Kyle Shipley

I grew up in California. I love my family. I'm a missionary. I'm a Mormon.

About Me

My name is Kyle Shipley, Im from Visalia California. I consider myself a fun loving guy. I have a great desire to learn how things work. I love to play music. I sing, I dance and I play guitar. I have had a lot of trials to make me the person I am today and I am still progressing to be better. At a young age my parents devorced. I was very emotional throught most of school. I didnt try very hard in school. I wanted to just get by and didnt really care about learning. At the age of 14 my dad and I stop seeing eachother. He had anger problems and my stepmum didnt like me or my mother. I grew up as a "mommas boy." I love her a lot and I wouldnt be where I am without her influence. I have a large family but my family is split. Only a few family members still keep in contact with me from my dads side of the family. I really want my family to get along.

Why I am a Mormon

My whole life I have wanted to know where I would go, What I would do, and who I would become. I was failing high school, I was doing things I wasnt suppose to. I felt that if i didnt change i am not going to make it. In my years throughout high school I had lost a close friend. He had been been out late and had lost his posessions. He was in a coma for 9 weeks i had prayed for him that he would be ok. After the 9 weeks had come I had lost my friend. I was an emotional wreck I had stayed away from home durring that weekend and I had given up. I wanted to commit suicide. I had an overwelming feeling. My thoughts were directed tword my family my friends. I had such a strong feeling of love for them in my hearts that i could not leave them. I felt I had to do something but I didnt know where to start. That week I had meet the missionaries of Jesus Christ. They had listend to my thoughts and my trails and what I was searching for. They taught me about the plan of salvation and how I would see my friend once more. They taught me about faith and if I put my faith in God he will bring happieness and peace. I read, pondered, prayed and I felt this love for me and a plan for my life. I made a promise that night that I would follow and be faithfull. I was baptised September 25, 2010.

How I live my faith

Since being a member of the church of Jesus Christ I have been strong in facing trials and working hard to be an example. It came close to a year since I was baptised and contemplated if I should serve a mission. Being the only member of the church in my family I didnt want to leave my mum and my brother behind because I know we help eachother and i have never been very far from them. I had prayed about it and wanted to know from God what I should do. I had been up late reading out of the book of mormon and when I was done i had fallen asleep. I had a dream that I was on a mission. My companion and I were standing infront of a door and I was about to knock. The door had opend and a man dressed in a suit was standing there. He had been crying. We told him that we are representitaves of Jesus Christ and we had a message to share. He had let us in and we sat down. He went in the other room to get water. When the man came out he had tears running down his face. In his hand this man was holding a gun. My companion and I tryed to calm him down and we were backing out of the house. Just before we had left he had shot. I had been shot in the upper part of my leg. my companion took me out and called 911. My companion began to pray for me. I had fainted when I had awoken I was in recovery. I was ok. The damage was not very bad. I had looked over and my companion was there talking to the man that had shot me. He had been teaching him for around the time of an hour. The man had just lost his wife to cancer and her funeral was just that morning. he had accepted to prepair to be baptised. I had woken up from that dream and i was concerned. I was scared for the pain but I knew I would be ok. I had a great love for that man and I dont even know if he exsists. It was decided that night that i would serve a mission. I am now serving a mission in Denver Colorado untill Feb of 2014.