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Hi I'm Robert

I grew up in Georga, im a scuba diver, I love shooting guns and I'm a Mormon.

About Me

Ive grown up in Georgia my whole life, im a scuba diver theres nothing like breathing under water, ive gone sky diving once i cant say ill do it again but you havent lived till you can say I've tried it , I shoot guns, i love all types of fried food ill almost eat anything you put in front of me, i enjoy movies music and video games. I wont to go to school become a hellocopter pilot, for the longest time ive always been inticed by them they just look like fun and alot of hard work, I wont something that will keep me pushing my self to be the best because I know I can become the best. But I also wont to go to school for some business clases so I can have a shop for all difrent tipes of out doores activitys i love the air the water and just being out doores thats what this earth was made for, for us to enjoy it and explore and learn.

Why I am a Mormon

ive been a member my hole life by choice, Ive prayed to know for my self and I was told that its true, this is my testamony that Jesus is the Christ the son of the only God, that they did indeed come and speek Joseph Smith and called him to restore the Gospel of Jesus Christ back to the earth, the way Christ had it set when He was on the earth. I was born in to a family of members, I was 8 when I was Baptized, I have been given many answers that this is the Gospel of Jesus Christ, no person can take my Knowledge that this is true away, some people have, and they all have failed. I know this is true I invite any one that reads this to take the challenge, read the Book of Mormon and pray about it, The Book of Mormon is the evadince that every one ask us for to prove the church is true it Testifes of Jesus Christ and his Divinity and that Joseph Smith was and is called of God , and if you already have done it, keep doing it theres power in the Book of Mormon, this is why I am a Mormon.

How I live my faith

I live my faith by everything I do, i was born in to the church, I believe that how you react to things makes the biggest difference no mater what it is. like i said Ive been a member my hole life, that doesnt mean im better then you, im not perfect ive made some stupid mistakes, im human just like every one else. This life is here to make us better as long as were always trying to be better, thats why we have repentance. I always tried to look for ways to help others because thats what Christ did, and I believe that we should try to be like Christ in every way.Right now im serving a mission in Pocatello Idaho. Im a ferm believer that we should all be united even if we believe in difrent things we can bring our difrences and still be united, thats what Christ was trying to teach every one when he was here, that we could work together no mater what and we can only do that through our fath in him and his teachings thats why missionary work is so important nad what its ment for to bring all of Gods children together, only through the Gospel of Jesus Christ can we do that.

Do Mormons only help Mormons?

NO we help any one that needs help, weve halped with tons of natral desasters where moste of the victomes were non members, infact some people that really dislike the LDS church, it dosent matter who you are if you need help we will be there ready to help. The church has given over $1 Billion to assist in helping in all tipes of Desasters, with no thought what the out come may be. My be you have seen the white and yellow shirts that say Mormon Helpping Hands or maybe just the yellow vests that say the same thing, thats us no mater what it is we will help and not get paide for, its completly vollenter work. You will find scriptures both in the Bible and the Book of Mormon that talk about serving your nabers, lifting the hands the hang down thats what its talking about serving others. Show more Show less