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Hi I'm Janeen

I'm a mom and a thinker. To me, things need to make sense. That's why I'm happy to be a Mormon!

About Me

I am the mother of four, living in Michigan. I love the beauty of the outdoors, and I especially love to kayak. I joined the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints when I was 19. I LOVE it!! It was one of the best decisions I ever made. The restored gospel of Jesus Christ helps me understand who I am and why I'm here. It gives me lots of joy!

Why I am a Mormon

When I investigated the LDS church I loved everything about it but struggled with the idea of Joseph Smith being a prophet and with the concept of modern-day prophets in general. As I continued to learn about and attend the church, I felt I should get serious about finding out for myself whether Joseph Smith was a prophet or not. I decided to put this to the test by studying the Book of Mormon. I reasoned that if Joseph Smith was a hoax, then the Book of Mormon would be too. Obviously it wasn't possible to meet Joseph Smith himself, so I studied the book instead. That was a real turning point!! In the last chapter, there is an invitation to ask God whether or not the book is true. And that is exactly what I did. Sure, I had tried before, but not with very much energy of spirit or mind. Instead, this time I asked God in faith, fully intending to act on whatever impression he would give me. Here is what happened next - while I was praying to Heavenly Father, I felt overcome by such a rush of warmth and total love, and I started to cry. These were tears of complete joy! I had never felt so overcome with warmth, joy, and love before. It was a different kind of feeling that transcends any kind of real description. There was no doubt in my heart any more. I knew that God had answered my prayers with feelings that I can never deny. At that moment, I knew that the Book of Mormon was true, and by extension that meant that Joseph Smith was indeed a modern day prophet.

How I live my faith

Central in my life is my love for Jesus Christ and Heavenly Father. I show my love for Them by trying to center my whole life on Them. I try to live in a way that would please Them. I show my devotion to Them by attending church every Sunday, praying often, reading the scriptures, and treating others with kindness. This kind of devotion didn't come all at once. I spent a lot of time learning and studying about God and the gospel, before I finally got baptized. And I'm so glad I did! In our church, members are very involved in the day to day operations of it on a local level. We take turns filling different roles, or "callings". One of the callings I enjoyed the most was teaching high school students about Jesus Christ through studying the scriptures together. What a joy that was! Teens are under a lot of pressure to make poor choices these days, and the gospel of Jesus Christ provides a lot of support for them. I felt like I made a difference in their lives, by helping them understand that Heavenly Father loves them, that they are valuable and important, and that following Jesus Christ can bring them a kind of peace that cannot be found from any other source.

Do Mormons worship Joseph Smith?

Some people outside the church circulate the rumor that we worship Joseph Smith. No way! This is not true. Instead, we respect him and honor what he did to restore the Lord's church. His life was never easy. In the process of restoring the Gospel of Jesus Christ, the Prophet Joseph Smith sacrificed, struggled, and sometimes suffered physically and emotionally under harsh conditions. I don't think his life was ever easy. But no matter what challenges came to him, he never gave up. He showed a lot of conviction that he had a truly seen a vision of Heavenly Father and Jesus Christ. And he knew he could never deny it. Even after being scorned and laughed at for this conviction, he stuck to it. A lesser man would have flaked out under the amount of difficulty Joseph Smith lived through. A con man would have slipped out during the night in search of an easier life. But not Joseph Smith. When the going gets tough, the genuine keep going. That is why I respect and appreciate Joseph, but I do not worship him! Show more Show less