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Hi I'm Josh Sharp

I'm from Oregon originally, grew up Baptist, and became a Mormon my Senior year of high school.

About Me

I grew up in what many would call a "broken" home. I'm the oldest of my mom's, and there are ten of us in total. My mom and my step-dad always struggled with how to care for the many children that they had, simply because they were also raised in broken homes. They felt that it was important for their children to attend church, though they didn't attend themselves. For 16 years I attended a local Baptist church near my home, and have always had a great love for all things relating to Christ. I felt from a very young age that He is my redeemer, but I also felt that there was something missing in my life. A hole that I couldn't fill. This hole continued to grow and seemed to entirely consume me during my high school years. It was during this time that a couple friends invited me to read from the Book of Mormon. I had been raised to believe that Mormon's were weird, that they didn't believe in Christ, but for some reason I accepted. The decision to read the Book of Mormon has entirely changed my life. I know through prayer that it is the Word of God, right along with the Bible. The light that the Gospel brought into my life entirely filled the terrible hole of depression that threatened to consume me. Since that time my life hasn't been easy as I have had to overcome several addictions, as well as emotional trials from my childhood, but it has been infinitely better. I am now a loving husband, father, Vice President of a small business, and am pursuing an M.Div.

Why I am a Mormon

Everything good in my life is because of my membership in the "Mormon" faith. Because of my faith I was released from the terrible depression that was the result of my life circumstances in high school. Because of my faith I have been released from the bonds of sin and addiction that I could never have overcome in any other way. Because of my faith I have found a hope in Christ that I was unable to find in any other source. Because of my faith I have been molded and changed through service as a missionary. Because of my faith I have received a Bachelor's Degree, married the love of my life, and brought a beautiful daughter into the world. Jesus Christ taught "I am come that they might have life, and that they might have it more abundantly" (John 10:10) my life is a witness that this is true. Out of my siblings I am the only one that doesn't struggle with a debilitating addiction or terrible depression. I am the only one to have pursued additional education beyond high school. This isn't because I'm any better than they are, the only difference between my life and theirs is my embracing of the teachings of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints. Everything good in my life, everything that brings me joy, peace, comfort, and success, can all be traced back to that one decision to read and pray to know if the Book of Mormon is true.

How I live my faith

My relationship with my family is the most important way that I live my faith. They are my absolute priority in everything that I do. I believe that we can be a family for eternity, if we do our part, and for this reason everything I do is to try and assure that we will in fact be together forever. I love serving in the Church, and my callings have all focused around two things; teaching and missionary work. From the time I was baptized when I was 18 I have served as a missionary in North Carolina, served as a ward missionary, taught Sunday school for different groups of teenagers, been a Ward Mission Leader (basically someone who helps coordinate missionary efforts in a ward) taught Missionary Preparation at our local institute building (a college course for those looking to improve as missionaries, or who are preparing to serve full time missions) and am currently teaching early morning seminary for freshman and sophomore age high-school students. This has been the most challenging and rewarding calling I have ever fulfilled. To be able to be in contact with these exceptional young people five days a week has brought me closer to my Father in Heaven than I ever thought imaginable.

Why did your church previously practice plural marriage (polygamy)?

Josh Sharp
Many people have tried to give reasons as to why the Church practiced polygamy. Though these answers at times seem logical, none of them are actually the reasons why. The short answer is, I don't know. This answer probably isn't very satisfying, but I submit that the question you're really asking is-was Joseph Smith a prophet? There have been many times that prophets have asked people to do things that they didn't really understand. Naaman was asked by Elisha to wash seven times in the Jordan River, he thought that was crazy, but he did it anyway as was blessed for his faith. Following a prophet can at times be that way, we don't know all of the reasons but we believe that we will be blessed as we follow him. I know that Joseph Smith is the prophet of the restoration. He saw God the Father and Jesus Christ, and they spoke to him. This knowledge has changed my life. Show more Show less