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Hi I'm Patti

I'm a Mormon.

About Me

If I had to describe myself, i would say I'm a woman, a wife, a mother, a daughter of God, a Christian, an American, a veteran and a really fortunate person!!! I was born in California then lived all over the country as an Air Force "brat." My degree from Auburn University in journalism prepared me to be a news reporter in Selma, Alabama both for the Selma Times Journal and WSLA TV. I served as a Public Affairs officer in the US Air Force for 14 years. I also spent a lot of years as a stay at home mom. In recent years, I've worked in public relations and marketing and now help veterans and military members and their families get a quality college education. I work with college campuses to create a "military friendly" campus for those who have served our country. I have four amazing adult children and three equally awesome step kids. I was married for 29 years, but when that ended, I was blessed to find the wonderful man I had almost married more than three decades ago. Fate brought us back together and while we are a "spiritually blended" family, we focus on our faith in Christ and all the truths we share. My hobbies are scuba diving, gardening, traveling and community theatre. I'm the person in the car behind you or just in front of you in the line at the grocery store. Nobody special on the outside, but an amazingly blessed, happy, full of hope person on the inside. I hope you can see that part too.

Why I am a Mormon

I never planned to be a Mormon. The missionaries showed up one day when I was at home with a bad cold. I asked them to please go away. They asked if they could come back. Sure, whatever... And so they did. It took six months for me to begin to catch the vision of what they were teaching. I wasn't sure about the Book of Mormon. I wasn't sure about Joseph Smith. I really wasn't sure what my parents and sister would think about this-- but there was something spiritual, something I just couldn't define that told me there was more truth here than I had ever heard before. I was baptized not being completely sure of a lot of things, and those things that I didn't understand went on a "spiritual back burner" to "simmer." In a short time, seeds of a testimony began to sprout then grow vigorously. Gradually, I began to know this was Christ's true church. I had always felt close to the Savior growing up as a Methodist. The foundation and truths I gained there were invaluable-- preparing me for a spiritual "next step". Becoming a Mormon was a spiritual giant step for me, a way to become even closer to the Savior. As I really ponder the Bible and the Book of Mormon, I can see how each validates the other. These amazing scriptures work together to help me have a better understanding of my Savior and my Heavenly Father. I absolutely believe the Bible is the word of God. The Book of Mormon goes hand in hand with the Bible and includes important truths that have inadvertently been lost from the Bible in its many translations. I can't understand, why anyone wouldn't want to know more that God has to say, if more knowledge were available. I testify there is more "good news: and it fully supports what we learn in the Bible. Bottom line -- I'm a Mormon because it fulfills and helps me know who I am, why I'm here and the amazing role Jesus Christ plays in my life. Joining this church was the best decision I ever made!!!

How I live my faith

I can remember being very casual in my church attendance but after joining the Mormon church. Sunday is my favorite day -- go to church, read a book, take a nap -- It's truly my day of rest. I love the feeling of belonging and feeling needed in my congregation. In our church, we don't have a paid staff. Everyone is given a job to do. People count on you to be there, to serve in whatever way you are needed. It's given me experience in teaching, public speaking, working with children and teenagers. I've even had a job or "calling" to do news interviews, writing articles or presenting my ward (congregation) to the news media. It's also helped me learn humility when it's my turn to help clean the bathrooms at the church. In order to live our "Word of Wisdom" health code, I gave up coffee, tea and alcoholic beverages. Thought I'd miss them but I don't. My friends still liked me just as much -- maybe more -- I became very popular as a designated driver!! I try to follow Jesus Christ as closely as possible. I still make mistakes and have to repent but the Savior is always there with open arms when I stumble. Following Jesus' example, I like to make a difference in other peoples lives. If I can be the answer to someone prayer in some small way, it makes my day. If I can give someone a smile, a compliment or a little encouragement, it makes me feel better too. When I'm crabby or discouraged, I've learned the Mormon cure for that -- go do something for someone else. Service uplifts my spirit as I give of myself in helping others. I want so much to share the joy my faith gives, but sometimes I worry that people will think I'm trying to push religion on them. When you find something this good, you just want to share it -- the growth, happiness and confidence I've found as a Mormon. I goes that's why I'm telling you. Thanks for taking time to read my profile. Want to know more? Just ask!!

What are Mormon women like? Do Mormons believe in equality of men and women?

Being Mormon woman is being a Christian woman. We're just like any other woman and mother in so many ways. We love our families and our friends. We love our country and its freedoms. But most of all, we love the Lord Jesus Christ. Do we believe in equality? I sure do! We have different roles but we share leadership and decision making in our family. I won't be a doormat but I don't mind putting him first among EQUALS. I like the respect and teamwork that makes relationship our thrive. Show more Show less