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Hi I'm Terrah

I know That my redeemer lives. I know he knows each of us individually. I hope to come to know him as well as I know he knows me!

About Me

I am a mom of four great kids. My oldest daughter just started her LDS mission. What great joy that brings me to see her love of and desire to share the gospel with others. I have known much more adversity in my life than I would have chosen. I have studied much to come to a greater understanding of how the Atonement can work for me in my life to help fix what has been broken. Though I do believe, I still have found that it is a very difficult thing to comprehend how the lord can heal the afflicted, the sick, the sinner and the sinned against simultaneously. The scriptures, apostles and our prophet all help us to have a greater understanding. I may always strive to more fully grasp how the atonement can do so much for so many. I know it is real and that god will, in due time right all wrongs. I am coming to a realization that covenants, commandments and principles are are completely different yet all vital to our learning to be sanctified in the gospel. I am thirty nine, this is it...next year I will be forty and my biggest question as I approach the middle of my mortal exhistance: Have I lived my life in accordance to the will of the Lord? Have I been my brother's keeper? Have I done all that I promised I would do? How do I overcome the natural man and become more like him? Have I done any good in the world, not just today, but most every day? Life has rarely granted me an easy time but I believe President Hinckley when he said, the end will be better than the beginning.

Why I am a Mormon

I am a Mormon because, though I do respect other people's right to worship as they do or do not see fit, I know that I belong to The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints, not a church....the church. I have a testimony of the gospel because I have seen the lord work his righteousness through the holy ghost to soften hearts, ease burdens, bring people back who were once lost. I know that the book of Mormon is another testament of Jesus Christ and that it is the most powerful book in the world today. I know that when I read it I feel promptings to want to be and do better. I know the lord asks hard things of his people but if we will have faith in his process he will make provisions that we will make it through. I know that the gospel seems restrictive to nonmormons, but in actuality when we follow the lord's commandments we are blessed and we are not shackled to such things as addictions and many of the things of this world that appear perhaps at first to be enticing but then leave us miserable wondering, now what? The church makes us happy. We are happy because the gospel is true and gives us access to all of god's blessings, depending on our righteousness and faith in the savior Jesus Christ. Our leaders are not paid, they choose to serve. It brings great joy to serve both for the giver and the receiver. Service helps us understand more of how Christ wants us to be, he served us that we may learn through his example. I am Mormon because even if i try to deny the validity of the gospel, I cannot, because I have seen the lord work his abundance of all things good, in my life. I know that no other church has all that this church has to offer. I know that a testimony comes through study, prayer, keeping the commandments, serving others and loving one another. I know the savior has a plan for each of us and if we are obedient he will give us an understanding of his purpose for each of us. I am a Mormon because I feel it and cannot deny it. I love being lds.

How I live my faith

My family motto: If we do nothing other than be our brother's keeper in this life then we have lived and done as the Savior has asked. No judging others, no gossiping, have compassion as we have never walked in anyone else's shoes. We see but a small portion of other's lives and if we can learn to love as Christ did then we are living our baptismal covenants. I am continually edified as I read all sorts of books. The book of mormon, a book of true sanctifying power, the king james bible, the ensign, books written by our beloved apostles and prophet. All of this reading helps me keep the holy spirit as a constant companion that I may have wisdom and knowledge to teach my children those things that edify and give them the courage to be an example of righteousness in these turmulteous times. When at church, I always try to sit by someone I either don't know, or rarely get to speak with, so that I can be a friend to all, whether they are regularly active or not, I want everyone I encounter to feel welcomed and know that they have a friend who cares that they were there even if only for that one day. I want all to know that they matter to god and if they know they matter to just one person maybe, just maybe they can receive a glimpse of god's love for them or that individual. I've realized that where we stand, whom we associate with, who we treat with kindness or whom we ignore all matters. It matters to individuals and it matters to god. I know it.

How can I know Mormonism is true?

Pray, pray always....Read the book of Mormon the Bible and Pray to know for yourself if it is true. It is no small commitment to be a mormon. It is a commitment that one can opt not to make but if one, you, choose to become a member you will never regret it. You will never want to go back to the old lifestyle. One reason, the Holy Ghost as a constant companion is one of the greatest of all of the lord's spiritual gifts. It will take some time to learn to recognize the feelings and prompting of the Holy Spirit, but in due time, life will be so much more rewarding and fulfilling than if you had never at least sought to know if it is true or not. I know that if you will do these things, the Savior will not by any measure deny you an answer. I so testify in the name of our Redeemer and Savior, Jesus the Christ, Amen Show more Show less